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What Landing Pages Should You Have for Your Firm’s Website?

Landing pages are website pages that people “land” on when they visit your website. They are used to give website visitors relevant information about your firm. They can also be connected to online ad campaigns, social media posts, email communications, and more. Landing pages are vital because they are often your prospects’ first impressions of your brand and services. Having the right pages in the right places can make or break your lead generation strategy. In this article, we’ll review which pages should be included on your law firm’s website. 

An Attention-Grabbing Homepage

Your homepage should be an enticing summary of who you are and what you do. It should give your website visitors a good overview of your firm and make them want to click further into your site. Specifically, your homepage should do the following things:

1. Communicate what you do/who you are in a quick and succinct manner
2. Grab attention with quality, eye-catching images
3. Deliver a summary of your practice areas and services
4. Establish credibility for you and your firm
5. Entice your visitors to take additional actions
6. Provide the right answers to your visitors’ questions
7. Provide an uncluttered, easy-to-read, and user-friendly experience
8. Link to other relevant pages on your website with clear calls to action

It’s important to include the elements above, so your prospects know what the purpose of your site is, and what they can expect from you going forward.

A Branded “About” Page 

Your “About” page is a great place to put your “why,” meaning why it is you do what you do. Another way to ask this is what is it that makes your firm unique? 

Many companies discount the importance of the About page; ignoring this page is a mistake you don’t want to make. When you can make your story compelling and passion-evoking, it makes people want to share it and learn more about you and your firm. 

How do you do this? It’s easier than you think. After all, you didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be a lawyer. You probably spent years wanting to become an attorney, then you certainly spent years studying to become one. There’s a big story behind that to tell. Telling this story makes you more relatable and human. Here are some questions that will help you develop a great about page that works for you:

1. What is it you wake up every morning determined to do?
2. What are your values?
3. What is it you want to be known for?
4. What types of problems do you solve for your clients?
5. Why did you decide to practice law?

Hiring an internet marketing company can help you ensure that your About page is inspiring and works for you. 

A Credible Team Bio Page

A team Bio page will help your firm build credibility and trust, ultimately sending more clients your way. Clients want to hire lawyers who they feel can win their cases, as such team Bio pages are one of the most visited webpages on legal sites. 

Highlighting the successes, expertise, awards and overall experience of your team can help convince them that your firm is the right firm for them. Some tips to make sure your team Bio page is a success include adding friendly, professional photos of your team and making the bios fun by including interesting facts about your staff and hobbies. Some firms also add social media links, like LinkedIn and Twitter, for their attorneys and staff. Highlighting professional organization memberships and awards on this page can help build the credibility of your firm. 

Pro tip: Want to stand out even more on this page? Include a “what the rest of the team says about X person” section in each bio.

Informative Practice Area Pages

It’s advisable to create and optimize one page per practice area; this helps with search engine optimization. Once broken up by practice area, ensure that each page is simply designed and easy to read. 

You can make a page more readable by using paragraph breaks and bullet points strategically, as opposed to bulking a ton of information into one paragraph. Here are some ideas of what type of content to include on your practice area pages:

1. Videos – People would often rather watch a video rather than read a page of text, so give your visitors the option. 

2. Frequently Asked Questions – Including an FAQ section on each practice area page not only enhances your SEO but also helps your client educate themselves about their specific case, which is often the type of content they look for before contacting an attorney. If you’re educating them, they are likely to reach out to you. 

3. Keywords – Ensure that you include one to three targeted keywords on each page to help your site show up in prospective client search results.

4. Dedicated Contact Forms – Having a dedicated contact form on each practice area page makes it easier for your potential clients to contact you.

Pro tip: Create sub-practice area pages, too. This creates a likely journey for your potential client and increases your search engine optimization. An experienced internet marketing company can help you strategize how to best break each area down by separate web pages. 

An Interesting & Relevant Blog

As stated above, legal clients often spend time online educating themselves about their specific legal situations before they contact an attorney. Helping your prospective clients educate themselves makes it all the more likely that you will be the attorney they reach out to once they decide it’s time. 

Not only does your blog present you as the most credible attorney on the block, but it also does the following for your firm:

1. Provides more ways for your clients to find you by increasing search engine results
2. Saves you time by serving as a legal resource for your clients
3. Increases website traffic and pages visited by elongated the consumer journey on your site

A law firm blog is really important. Don’t have time to blog? Hire an internet marketing company like Oamii to do it for you. 

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