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Don’t lose your customers. The power of social media marketing is immense, and we have seen that power in action. As a digital marketing agency, Oamii has assisted many local businesses to increase their brand image and make them more approachable on social media. To this effect, we create social media campaigns to establish your presence, promote your business, and drive more traffic.

Strategies involved in using social media platforms to increase your brand awareness and selling your products and services to the people frequenting the digital world constitutes Social Media Marketing or SMM. It is a part of overall internet marketing that leverages the benefits of social networking sites to promote your business.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Utilizing social media platforms to increase the outreach of your business to a vast audience is the most snazzy, savvy, and cost-effective approach. It helps in drawing in customers and presenting your brand and business most favorably. Hence, your Social Media Marketing strategy has to be unique and top-notch.

Today, you can use social media to build an entire community around your brand or business. You can also leverage it to create a buzz about something new that you are launching; it could be a product or a service. Getting people to talk about you on social media sites is good because Google notes it all. The more good things that the audience has to say about you, the higher your site ranks. You can also reach out to your audience, be it current customers or prospects, and engage them in open two-way communication to make yourself more approachable. Social media platforms can be used to interest and captivate the audience. Building your loyal fan following will assist you in spreading the word about your brand, company, product, and service.

Oamii – Social Media Marketing Agency

Today’s social media landscape is mind-boggling. With such a significant online presence, it is hard to predict how the audience will behave digitally. To attract them, you need to understand their internet behaviors. What drives one will not necessarily drive the other.

The social media marketers at Oamii help to connect your brand and business with a broad audience. Our strategies are aimed at maximizing your social media investments. With a comprehensive suite of social media marketing services, we’ll influence your image in the market and the audience’s minds to accelerate conversions and customer interactions.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

The social media marketing experts at Oamii follow a simple process to maximize your brand exposure. It includes:

  • Identify and categorize the cross-channel actions of the target audience.
  • Create social media marketing strategies to attract an authentic and interested audience.
  • Combine conservative media strategy with intelligent programmatic advertising.
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM with dynamic social media activation.

Benefits When You Partner With Oamii

Oamii is one of the most trustworthy and reputable Social Media Marketing agencies. Some of the benefits that you can avail yourself with us are:

  • Higher, better, and positive brand awareness.
  • Increased traffic to your business website.
  • Complete support in Search Engine Optimization efforts.
  • Improved and enhanced customer service.
  • Relationship development to encourage customer loyalty.
  • Improved lead generation strategies for increased sales.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Unique Content Creation – Content is the very soul of every SMM strategy. Unique, helpful, and insightful content will attract the attention of the interested audience and entice them to engage and convert.
  • Social Advertising – With social advertising, reach out to the focussed audience at the right time. Using cutting-edge strategies like “Lookalike Audience” and “Remarketing,” present your content to the audience that matters.
  • Monitoring And Managing Communities – Monitoring and managing all the communication on your social media channels is imperative to success. We reply to queries, post approved responses, and coordinate natural conversations between the brand and the interested audience.
  • Reputation Management – Sadly, you can’t keep every customer happy and satisfied. Monitoring the review sites gives us a chance to turn the customer complaints into improvement opportunities.
  • Leveraging Influencer Marketing – Tooting your own horn is not enough. But if an influencer does it for you, there’s nothing better. We get industry experts and other known personalities to give a boost to your brand recognition and sales by positively influencing your intended audience.
  • Social Data Management & Analytics – Every action of the user creates data that can be used to improve and refine marketing strategies. It can also be used for remarketing and developing content strategies. We keep track of all this data and analyze it for the optimum performance of SMM campaigns.

Best SMM Agency

Oamii is one of the best SMM agencies. Gosh! It’s challenging to boast about ourselves, but we are indeed the best. We are the best because of our professionalism, dedication, and above all, the results we deliver.

  • Custom Social Media Campaigns – Our Social Media Advertising experts develop and create customized social media campaigns for your business. We understand that your needs are different and, as such, need a unique approach. Custom campaigns are created just for your brand and are by no means a spin-off from something older that we hope no one remembers. We believe in authenticity, and that is what your campaigns are tailor-made for you only.
  • Optimized Postings And Platforms – All postings inclusive of images, blogs, articles, videos, and such are optimized for your selected set of keywords. Above all, they are optimized for the best performance on all social media platforms. We aim to use these optimized postings for both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Oamii is at the forefront of optimization.
  • Consistent Postings – We are consistent with our postings on all your desired social media platforms. We do it daily or fixed times per week as dictated by you under the contract. All postings are relevant to the preferred spread of keywords. We aim to ensure that these postings have an excellent chance to rank and get you the visibility that you need.
  • Google Simply Loves Social Media – Be talked about and get social media buzzing. Google loves when people talk about you; it ranks your business higher. Sending out social signals in a steady stream on diverse platforms will give a boost to your online presence and reputation. Most of your potential customers are on social media. Reach out to them by being socially active.
  • Open 24/7 – Social media allows your present and prospective customers to interact and engage with you. In turn, the likelihood that they will share your content increases. There are no holidays. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, your brand is enhanced through messages and content over social media.
  • Strengthen Your Brand – Social media is essential for all types of industries to amplify their brand. It can exponentially increase potential customers through comprehensive social media marketing. Social sharing of your content by one can also reach out to millions, of which a few thousand could be your future customers.
  • Building Trust – In any profession, trust and quality of service are significantly important. You need a good social media company like us to develop a comprehensive social media strategy for building trust. Promote confidence and faith in the minds of your current and future customers through social campaigns.

Be where your customers are

Today’s consumers turn to social media while looking for recommendations. They also check out reviews and the content brands publish on their social media platforms. It is an unbelievably effective method of building and gaining trust for yourself and your brand.

Cost of Social Media Marketing

For any business, the cost of social media marketing is not fixed but depends on the following –

  • How is the competition in your industry and niche?
  • What kind of customers would you like to draw towards your company?
  • How successful are your present social media tactics?
  • How aggressive and dynamic do you want to be?
  • Are you in danger of being or already have been penalized by Google?

Helps you find the answers

Social media can be confusing for some businesses, so answering the above questions yourself is difficult. We help you find the answers and pave your way towards the right social media strategy.

What We Offer

Social Promotion Services

Businesses with a well-established social media presence can use our company to gain a trusted advisor or influencer status. It will entice the customers you desire when they need your product or service.

Brand Advocate Services

Social media marketing for any business is all about advocating their brand. We help you connect with those people who need your product and increase the traffic to your website.

Social or Digital Media Marketing Process

  • Strategy Development – We design a strategy that revolves around your company’s goals. The strategy is driven by an in-depth competitive analysis and the ideal customer persona, both of which are taken care of by us.
  • Content Creation – The content is created based on your brand values and the messages you want to drive across. We help you share valuable insights through SEO-optimized articles to represent all that your brand stands for.
  • Monitor & Engage – Your account is monitored daily, and customers who ask questions are duly answered within 24 hours.
  • Growth Optimization – We use only organic strategies to increase your follower base of prospects who are most likely to use the services you offer.

Measurement & Reporting – Get detailed reports every month on how your social media campaigns are progressing.

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