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What Content Could Be Used For A Structured Snippet Extension?

Using snippet extensions is one of the best ways to highlight your google ads for businesses that always look for the best way to promote what they offer. They want to do it most quickly and efficiently. It is a method to help users who are looking for something on google and a method for search engines to learn what is on your website and its purpose. 

What Are Structured Snippets?

Structured Snippets are different from other snippets that involve code. These snippet types can help you reach your target audience by filling in a header and list. It describes the product or services being marketed before the user clicks on the ad. It is convenient for users as it saves time searching for additional information.

Different types of structured snippet extensions

There are wide content varieties for structured snippet extension, so finding one to fit your goals will not be problematic from the below list.

1. Brands

In the “brands” header, your company will offer specific brands. However, they won’t have any additional descriptions. An example would be Samsung, which might have a snippet like this, “Samsung Note.” The snippet cannot include phrases such as “new Samsung Note” or the number of brands offered.

2. Courses

The “courses” style header’s objective is to promote the courses offered by an organization or an institution of education. “Data Science” or “Machine Learning Fundamentals” are some examples.

3. Amenities

This snippet can be used to highlight a feature or facility of a building or a place. Examples are 

  • Breakfast
  • Workout facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • pet-friendly
  • Wi-Fi

4. Degree Programs

This structured snippet extension allows the educational institution to market and promotes specific programs. Examples are Degree programs such as:

5. Destinations

This snippet will brief the visitors to the site and the specific places a traveler can visit. Travel agencies can use this snippet to their advantage. Examples could be any country, city, or tourist attraction.

6. Featured Hotels

The “Featured hotels” header showcases hotels that an advertiser can book for visitors to the site. It is used mainly for booking websites such as or Trivago. It can also be used for travel agencies and organizations that help people find hotels for their journeys.

7. Insurance Coverage

This type of header informs the user about specific types of coverage and quotes. A few examples that may come under this header are:

  • Life insurance
  • Compare rates
  • Save money by switching

8. Models

This header is usually used for models of products. Examples would be mobiles or laptops. It would not be the store’s name, manufacturer, specs, or even model year. Instead, it would be the models.

9. Styles

There are various subtypes when we have products such as shoes or dresses. Examples that come under this header would be:

  • Short boots
  • Tall riding boots
  • Cowboy boots

10. Types

The “Types” header allows the company to list the different product variations. It can be used for many companies as it is a more general header. It is a good use when you feel the other header types don’t fit. In the example below, there are various types of car insurance. There are ones for non-owners, rental cars, and classic cars, to name a few.

11. Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are also structured snippets that can be used. In this case, they need to be a specific city area, such as Lake Mangonia. Lake Mangonia is a sub-region neighborhood in West Palm Beach. This snippet can also be a district of a city. However, it cannot be residential buildings or names of cities.

12. Service Catalog

This structured snippet is a listing of services that a business may offer. Only use this one when referring to services, not products or features. Here is a great example below:

13. Shows

The “shows” header enables the advertiser to list performances or TV shows. An example could be the Shows: Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones,  or The Walking Dead.

The Benefits Of Structured Snippet Extensions

What are the benefits of structured snippet extensions? Well, here they are:

1. Snippets give a preview of your products and services. People can find out more about the products and services before clicking on the ad.

2. Return On Investment – Adding structured snippet extensions to your Google ads campaigns will drastically improve the return on your ad spent. It will help your ads get more clicks as there are more options for the end-users. It will also help in improving click-through rates and ad relevance. Thus, your campaign’s overall ROI will improve because you will get clicks from people who want to learn more about your product or services.

3. You can customize the snippets – You can easily customize your ad snippets. These can be added to campaign, account, or ad group levels. You can also specify what days of the week you want them to show.


Using Structures snippets is mandatory if you want to optimize your Google ads for more clicks and revenue. It will also help you reduce the cost per click if your ad score is high. Having relevant structured snippets can help you improve ad scores. 

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