The Question of Tone When Marketing Your Firm During COVID-19

It should be obvious to most if not everyone that this time of sheltering at home, of caring for sick loved ones, and of worrying for the country’s future is certainly not a time to aggressively market a business as if nothing has changed.  

At the same time, it would not be productive for you to cut off your law firm marketing altogether. Particularly if you practice in the areas of health care law, elder law, estate planning law, employment law, or risk management, you have important skills that you can use to help others. Accordingly, people should know that you are available to help through appropriate law firm marketing.

Therefore, in this article we will be discussing the all-important question of “tone.” There is little question that any marketing approach will have a specific tone to it, be it bright, informative, or, dare we say, a little pushy. But now, during this terrible COVID-19, pushy sales pitches must be avoided. We will discuss here all the things that you should consider with regard to your marketing tone.

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Tone Point #1 – Empathy

First and foremost, your marketing should exhibit empathy. Everyone is fearful right now, brought on by a constant stream of dire news and many unknowns about the future. Accordingly, your outreach to clients and potential clients should reflect a feeling that we are all in this together, and that we all can help one another.  

A human approach, leading with what your firm can do to help, is the right approach and is definitely the right tone. Here is the time to show how you genuinely care for your clients and connect on a personal, human level.

Tone Point #2 – Be Patient

Outreach to clients at this time should have nothing to do with things you need from the people or businesses you represent. Simply be responsive to your client’s needs, be sensitive to the fact that they are feeling a great deal of stress right now, and be kind.  

That means being flexible on fees and payment terms. That means trusting that your long-term clients will ultimately make you whole, but the needs of today make that impossible in many situations.  

For some clients that are truly in a bind, and may be a relatively new client, be sure to do short term projects at a reduced or no fee. It will create a deeper relationship, and it will show your skills off to those newer clients.

Tone Point #3 – Pump Up Content

Your clients need information about what is going on today. They need to know what the latest guidance from the CDC is on how to deal with employees, or how to keep their business sterilized from COVID-19 as much as possible. They need to know what the stimulus bill (the CARES Act) or the Families First Coronavirus Response Act means for them or their businesses.  

Accordingly, you want to push out content in client alerts, in email campaigns, and on your website that is informative, and that provides the information your clients will need as they struggle to stay afloat.  Value-added content is the right tone for today.

Here are Few Things You Should Not Do at This Time

1. Do not post content geared towards extolling a recent achievement of yours.
2. Do not begin an initiative about some area of practice that is new to your practice. New announcements about the firm can wait for now.
3. Do not, as mentioned before, use a pushy or aggressive approach in your marketing. The “hard sell” will not work at this time anyway. As noted, use your experience, your ability to help, and your human touch as the way to show how your firm is a cut above the rest.
4. Do not reach out to a prospect as if these are normal times. That “tin ear” quality will likely hurt rather than help your chances with that prospect. If a prospect needs your services, he or she will certainly be able to see your impressive credentials in your website bio or LinkedIn profile.

In sum, the best marketing approach you can do right now is be a good lawyer, be informed about the various legislation related to COVID-19, and show empathy.

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