Law Firms on Social Media: The Times Keep Changing

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – they are all at least a decade old, but many law firms behave as they have still yet to crack the code on social media.

Part of the problem, whether you are big firm or a solo practitioner, is that social media platforms keep changing so frequently that you think that you can never get ahead of the curve. You may find yourself saying, “I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up, so why bother.” That is what Mom used to call “stinkin’ thinkin’”

Try not to let the fear of being overwhelmed stop you from doing what you need to do to build your practice. The reality is that social media is where all the eyes are, so that is where you need to be. And just having a profile up on Facebook will not do the trick. Your social media presence needs to be an ever-changing thing, just like you and your firm are.

Of course, you studied law, not social media marketing. That is where Oamii comes in. You will agree that, as an attorney, you do not have the time to learn social media marketing yourself. You have clients to serve to earn money for your business. The time away from practicing law can be expensive to your bottom line. Getting an outside expert to help you with social media marketing is the answer.

The ROI that you can achieve with the help of Oamii, South Florida’s legal digital marketing specialists, is worth the cost. With Oamii’s assistance, you and your firm will have an effective social media presence, vastly increased exposure, and your firm will look like it is up on the latest online trends. All of that will lead to more clients in the door. Consult with an Oamii professional (561-228-4111) to learn more to help your business grow.

Social Media Marketing Is a Must for Law Firms

Social media is ubiquitous in our society. It has become clear that we are a nation of people who have an almost romantic attachment to our devices, and social media apps are the programs running on those devices.

Indeed, social media apps have reached into our daily consumption of news. Rarely a day goes by that we are not talking about the latest tweet from the White House, or debating whether the placement of news or propaganda on Facebook swayed the last election, or will sway the next.

When it comes to energizing your attorney practice, nowadays any law firm’s marketing portfolio should have a substantial social media component. Again, you want to be where the people are. People are on social media apps – particularly the big three, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. So, your law firm marketing needs to reach those platforms.

Handheld Devices – The Place Where Your Potential Clients Will Likely Find You

When it comes to planning your social media strategy, keep in mind that most people are not searching for legal services on a laptop or desktop. You need to assume, for purposes of your social media marketing portfolio, that people are looking, reading, and researching on a smartphone.

That means that the elements of your social media presence have to be optimized, and look attractive on a small screen. Over half of those seeking legal services find a lawyer over a smartphone. Know your audience and you can better cater to what they are looking for.

The Latest Innovations with the Big Three Media Platforms

To get started on expanding your firm’s social media portfolio, let’s take a moment to find out what is new with the big three social media programs – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

With regard to LinkedIn, Microsoft now owns it. So, you can expect there to be some easy integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft products like Outlook. There is also some evidence that users prefer the information on LinkedIn because it is easier to compare law firms, rather than comparing firms by reviewing websites. Accordingly, make sure that you have carefully crafted your firm’s LinkedIn page.

With regard to Facebook, many of the recent changes have geared more towards requiring companies, and law firms, to pay for marketing opportunities and tools. Yet, it appears that the most effective tool for social media marketing on Facebook is to have soft marketing posts.

Rather than being so express about putting an advertisement in a post, it is better to be subtle. For example, if you are teaching a CLE, or if you argued an important case, or if there is an interesting development in your area of the law, a Facebook post can be effective in catching the eye of those seeking representation.

Finally, with regard to Twitter, the expansion of the character limit to 280 characters gives more room for some specificity. Twitter now allows more embedding of images and videos than ever before. So, when marketing on Twitter, you can reach those daily Twitter users by using a news opportunity to equate it with a practice area in which you specialize. An effective use of breaking news could give you the advantage of immediacy.

Let Oamii, Legal Marketing Specialists, Give You the Social Media Edge

If you are a law firm, large or small, and you are worried about the social media bandwagon leaving you behind, then get a social media marketing expert in your corner. Oamii is an industry leader in law firm marketing on social media, and we have helped many law firms create a stronger, more effective marketing portfolio. We provide impressive ROI for our law firm clients as well as helpful analytics and reporting data.

The innovative law firm marketing team in West Palm Beach at Oamii, South Florida digital marketing experts, is second to none. We know how to maximize the tools available through the big three social media sites. And when we leverage those tools, we can bring you a great bang for your marketing buck. With Oamii’s help, we can grow your followers, increase traffic, and ultimately get more clients in the door. Call us today to learn more at 561-228-4111.