PPC brings an ideal client

Law Firms Need to Extend Their Brand: Paid Search Ads (PPC) Bring Ideal Clients To Your Website

Today, competition for both clients and top talent is stiff in the legal industry.  How do you get ahead of the curve for both challenges?  The answer is digital marketing.  And not just any old digital marketing, but marketing strategies that go beyond your website and bring clients to your website. One great way to do that is through pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Now some law firms think that just having a website is enough.  Unfortunately, that does not even begin to cover it if your goal is to truly invest in digital marketing.  So, we’re going to take a little time to discuss what makes a law firm’s website effective, and then one helpful tool – PPC – to bring users to your website.

It is important to remember that if you are practicing in South Florida, the premier South Florida digital marketing agency, Oamii, has the expertise with law firms to help get your firm’s PPC marketing campaign off of the ground.  Contact us to learn more by calling 561-228-4111 or filling out our online contact form.

First and Foremost, Your Website is Your Around-the-Clock Salesperson

Your website is the home base of your law firm’s digital presence.  Because the Internet is now moving into maturity, there are some expectations that users have for any website.

Specifically, users expect any professional website to be (i) fast, (ii) optimized for mobile, and (iii) focused on user experience.  Let’s talk about those in a little more detail.

1. Fast.  About 47% of Internet users expect a website to load in three seconds or less.  If your website does not load in that amount of time, it is likely you will face the prospect of your potential client hitting the “back” button.  When competition for clients and legal talent is so intense, losing the speed battle is something that can be easily avoided.

2. Optimized for Mobile.  More than half of all Internet searches happen on smartphones.  If you don’t know whether your website looks attractive on a smartphone, if you find that the buttons on the mobile version of your site are too small, or if the site is hard to navigate, then you have some work to do.  Making your website mobile-friendly can be more complicated than you think.  Because most people now search for services on their phone, make accessibility on a smartphone a priority.

3. User Experience.  As lawyers know all too well, first impressions matter and can be indelible for clients and potential associates alike.  It typically takes less than one second for a user to form an opinion about a law firm based on a website.  Moreover, about half of users indicate that a website’s design is the leading factor in determining how credible a business is.

Finally, ask yourself, have you read your website lately?  If not, then remind yourself of the information on your site.  Look at what kind of message the website sends, see if you have current events and news on there, and determine whether you think it is a site that would get potential young lawyers excited about working at your firm.

Your website is truly the salesperson for the firm, and it works for you 24/7.  Make sure that the site is branding your firm properly.  Make sure that it presents the tone and feel that you want your firm to project.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to Expand Your Online Presence

Once you have taken the time to make sure your website is an attractive, informative place that is carefully crafted to inspire trust in potential clients, and motivate enthusiasm in potential legal recruits, your next goal is to get people to see your website.

One strategy your firm should use to guide users to your website is PPC advertising.  In that regard, Oamii, South Florida’s top digital marketing agency for law firms, is ready to help.

Here is how PPC works.  If someone searches for certain keywords or phrases that trigger your advertisement, then a search engine will put your text-based advertisement in front of the user.  Oftentimes, the advertisement will be presented at the top of the search with the word “Ad” preceding the link.

Then, when a user clicks on the advertisement, the user is sent to your website, and you are charged a fee.  A mix of positioning, keywords, and cost strategy are the important factors that will make a PPC campaign effective.

Partner with Oamii to Run a Smart, Effective PPC Campaign

To make sure your law firm improves its web-search presence, you need to get help from marketers who know the digital marketing world.  Oamii, South Florida’s digital marketing agency, is able to provide you with a well-structured, highly optimized PPC campaign that is effective with a law firm of any size.

We at Oamii know the leading PPC technologies, and we can leverage that knowledge to your benefit.  In fact, given our expert analysis of the legal market, we can make sure that you get the best return on your digital marketing investment.

Paid search marketing, or PPC, is only high quality when the analytics are effectively understood.  Always with your ROI in mind, we couple a competitive PPC strategy with optimization strategies and comprehensive testing to bring your law firm to the next level.


Having a great website is extremely important for your law firm’s brand and for the ultimate longevity of the firm. Yet, that is only half the battle.  With a solid, compelling website, the next step is to reach out to users who are searching for your services and guide them to your website.  You can do that with PPC advertisements.

Based on any reasonable digital marketing budget you can stimulate growth in your firm by hiring Oamii to run a smart, targeted PPC campaign that will bring you the ideal clients you want.  Using custom campaign reports, ROI performance analyses, and 24/7 campaign tracking, Oamii adds considerable value to your marketing efforts.  We welcome you to learn more about what we can do to successfully turn your law firm around.  Call us at 561-228-4111 or fill out our online contact form today.