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Law Firms, Tune-Up Your Marketing with the 3-Point Digital Marketing Checklist

Everything at some point needs a “tune-up.”  You wouldn’t drive your car for years and years without getting the oil changed, the fluids topped off, and the engine checked.  You wouldn’t play guitar without making sure it’s in tune. And you wouldn’t go too long without getting a physical from the doctor yourself.

The same is true for your law firm’s internet marketing approach. You need to look inward periodically to see how you can better use digital marketing to help your law firm succeed. Given that the whole world is online – and most people are wedded to their smartphones 24/7 – you want to be in a place where you’ll be seen.

That is why we are going to take the opportunity in this particular blog to talk about the 3-Point Digital Marketing Tune-Up. This invaluable checklist is a way to make sure, on a routine basis, that your law firm internet marketing strategy is humming along, is not getting outdated, and is focused on the strengths of your firm that you want the marketplace to know.  It would not be a bad idea, actually, to keep this checklist handy.  So, every once in a while, you can look back to it and make sure things are still on track.

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The 3-Point Digital Marketing Tune-Up

In order to get started, let’s begin with the tune-up checklist itself.  We will explain each checklist item in detail, but it’s always good to have the list all in one place.  Remember, this is a tune-up that you can run through periodically to check on whether you need to put some energy into your law firm internet marketing approach.  Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is your website optimized?
2. Do you have a solid content marketing strategy?
3. Are you using social media enough?

Guaranteed, if you take a little time to periodically ask yourself these 3 tune-up questions, you’ll be ahead of the pack when it comes to your law firm competition.  Now, let’s look at each tune-up item in more detail.

Tune-Up Item 1 – Is Your Website Optimized?

No question that the word “optimized” is fairly broad.  So, what do we mean by “optimizing” your website?  Well, there are a number of facets.  First, you want to ensure that your website is a tool that converts visitors into clients.  How do you do that?

1. Make sure your branding and messaging is clear.  You want it to be crystal clear on what your firm does, and what your firm’s approach is in the area of law in which you specialize.
2. You want your website to load quickly.  Nothing dissuades a user from visiting a page than having to wait, even a few seconds, for a site to load up.
3. Check to see that, objectively speaking, your site is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Other things to consider when it comes to a website is to check whether it is mobile-friendly.  Most people do not look at website on home computers anymore.  If a potential client is doing a quick search for a law firm, then he or she is likely doing that search on mobile phone.  So, part of your tune-up must include a mobile phone check.

Also, does your website show off your expertise in a particular field.  Clients like to have someone who is an expert in a particular area of the law.  Check to see that your website positions you as the final word in a legal specialty.  Did you write an article (or even a book) on a subject?  Did you win a major case on a certain type of claim? Is the content on your site focused on a particular geographical area and practice area.

Finally, think about having video content on your site.  It draws attention, and it will lower the chance that a user will leave the same page on which they entered, which is not good for search engine relevance.

Tune-Up Item 2 – Do You Have A Solid Content Marketing Strategy?

What we mean by “solid content marketing strategy” here is that you create a web of links that point back to your website.  You can do that internally as well as externally.

Specifically, within the great content and FAQs you have on your site, be sure that the content has plenty of links to other parts of your website.  You improve interest and keep a user longer on your site by having solid content that contains links to additional information.  As a tangential benefit, the backlinks will improve your online reputation.

In addition, check to see if there are opportunities to contribute content to other websites.  Not only does that get your firm’s name out as an expert, but it also creates the opportunity to drive traffic back to your own website.

Tune-Up Item 3 – Are You Using Social Media Enough?

The two most important social media platforms for law firms are LinkedIn and Facebook.  With regard to your “tune-up,” you should begin by making sure you have a presence on both sites.

Then, you can take stock of the content you are sharing on those social media channels, including:

1. Positive Reviews, Case Wins, and Industry Awards.  Make sure that social media is aware of all the good things that are happening in your firm.
2. Any interesting, thought-provoking content that is on your website should also be shared on social media.  Why not?
3. Tell everyone about the charity work and volunteer work you and your firm are doing.
4. Perhaps you want to share your expertise by doing a Facebook Live interview.

In sum, periodically “tune up” your law firm marketing just like you’d tune up your car for optimal performance. Technology is changing so quickly, that a routine “tune-up” is necessary to stay current.

Also, keep current by getting a digital marketing agency on your side to help your law firm’s internet marketing soar. Call us at Oamii.  We can make sure that your marketing is always finely tuned!   Fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.