Has COVID-19 Ushered in Remote Legal Services for Good?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, law firms were navigating a world of enhanced technology, increasing rent costs for office space, too much downtime during a long commute, a continued blending of work and home life, and a motivation to serve clients more efficiently. All of those factors accelerated the move towards remote legal services and the advent of the “virtual law firm.”

COVID-19 Marks the Beginning of a New Virtual/Remote Era for Legal Services

Now we have the novel coronavirus pandemic that has left most of us sheltering in place for the time being. So, is the pandemic the final straw that makes the legal industry move in earnest towards providing remote legal services as the primary mode of operation?  Perhaps so.

Indeed, it is not far-fetched to envision a world where legal services are cloud-based, where law firms exist largely in the cloud and have small offices nationwide for short client meetings, or where American law firms have no brick-and-mortar locations at all. One CEO of a virtual law firm based in San Francisco admits that almost all legal services are provided via phone and email anyway. The need for a physical law office space has, therefore, become less relevant.  

In this article, we will explore that theme a little more deeply. We will discuss the important considerations around what managing and marketing a law firm remotely would look like moving forward. Certainly, we are already getting a taste of that type of arrangement now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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Managing a Practice Remotely

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is on how to manage work and life remotely. Here are a few things that are of primary importance to keeping a remote law firm humming along.

1. Clear Expectations for Staff and Clients

Making the transition from in-person law practice to a remote law firm model requires substantial, and continued communication. As lawyers, we often must manage our client’s expectations with regard to the success of any given case. The same holds true with a remote law firm.  

Staff should be clear about what the remote work expectations and procedures will be. How information will be communicated, what software will be used, how meetings will be handled, and how the will project be submitted should all be worked out in as much detail as possible. 

The same is true of clients. Setting the modes of communication and expectations as to how quickly you will respond to requests should be done upfront, so everyone is on the same page.

2. Have the Right Tech for Remote Work

It is likely that you have some IT assistance in your law firm. Accordingly, have those IT resources put to the task of making sure that everyone’s home computers can easily connect to the necessary law firm systems.  

In addition to VPN access, or cloud-based file management, MS Teams or Slack are great for chat and collaboration, and video conferencing can be handled on Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Hangouts. Of course, IT should also be focused on cybersecurity.  

3. Maintain Client Contact

With clients, there is no need to cancel meetings during the pandemic, just move them to phone or video. Keep your clients apprised of court dates via email and give your clients the option to pay you online. Frankly, you are likely already doing a lot of these activities remotely already.

Marketing the Practice Remotely

Without the ability to network, it will be tough moving forward to gain clients through in-person meetings, conferences, and lunches. That means that your digital marketing game needs to be that much better. 

There are so many digital marketing opportunities, from optimizing your firm’s website and planning effective email campaigns, to pay-per-click advertising and adding video content to your site that the time is now to delve into the best way for your firm to capitalize on digital marketing strategies. 

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