Can You Market Your Law Firm in the Time of Coronavirus?

The short answer to our title question is “yes,” and you should continue to market your law firm during this challenging time. The more nuanced question, however, is the manner in which you market your firm.  

Using Professional Skills to Help Those in Need

We are all in uncharted waters right now. Even with the informed leadership of Dr. Fauci and State governors throughout the country, we are all dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing when the virus will pass, when we no longer have to worry about our loved ones, when people can come out of a shelter in place, when schools will re-open, and when things will get back to normal.  

With regard to providing legal services, it realistically cannot be the time to try to build a book of business or expand into a burgeoning area of the law. Rather, the most effective and helpful approach during this crisis is to offer your services as a way to contribute to the greater good, as a way to help people through the crisis.

Accordingly, this article will give you four great tips to market your practice, and contribute to the greater good in this ongoing health crisis.    

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Four Tips to Marketing in a Time of Coronavirus

1. Reach Out to Clients with Empathy

It goes without saying that law firms cannot and should not try to take advantage of this health crisis. As professionals with ethical standards to uphold, trying to charge higher prices for representation related to COVID-19 is unethical and wrong.  

There are enough lawyer jokes out there already, so it would not be wise to increase prices in the same manner that an unscrupulous shop owner would try to quadruple the price of hand sanitizer.

Thus, avoid raising prices, or creating new services about coronavirus that really do not exist, or putting content on your website or in emails that will increase fear and panic rather than reduce it.

Simply stated, every contact with a client or potential client is a form of marketing. Accordingly, all your touchpoints with clients during this time should be to:

1. Give empathy,
2. See how you can help solve legal questions they have, and
3. Demonstrate that they can put their trust and faith in you.

The best form of marketing for your firm right now is to be the firm that gave your clients and potential clients good advice and service when they needed it most. That kind of reputation building is what clients will remember in the long run. 

2. Do Not Stop Marketing Altogether

Given all the panic and short-term thinking these days, it is easy to be tempted into choosing to stop your marketing efforts altogether, until the crisis subsides. That would not be the best option.  

Rather, now is the time to take a look at your marketing budget and activities. If there are many offline, in-person marketing events that have now been canceled, then you may not want to simply pocket the money not spent. You can, instead, put those marketing dollars towards more digital marketing.  

Indeed, you will not need money to go to conferences, events, or seminars. So, consider an email marketing campaign or a foray into a pay-per-click campaign. 

3. Remember to Target Your Content to What People are Searching For

The current health crisis has put people in front of their screens more than ever. Which means more people than usual are at a computer running searches. That is actually great for your law firm.  

Think about what area of your practice best addresses the pressing needs of people during this health crisis. If, for example, you are an employment lawyer, then now is the time to be creating easy-to-read checklists of the new emergency legislation on paid sick leave and family leave that is coming out of Congress and state capitols. 

If you practice in the area of commercial contracts, then you would want to push out content about your client’s ability to renegotiate contracts, and what type of contract provides a crisis like the coronavirus triggers. In short, explain how your firm’s practice can help people in this health crisis happening now.

4. Think Local

Virtually all of us are stuck at home. Traveling beyond the local grocery store is now a big deal. So, now is the time to make sure your firm is set up for local search marketing. If you have not done so already, set up a Google My Business profile so that you can get some free advertising, courtesy of Google. With a Google My Business set up, your firm will pop up when someone searches “law firms nearby,” or something similar.  

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