small business pain points on social media

Common Small Business Pain Points On Social Media

While businesses rely heavily on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and such to conduct business, the reality is that there are some serious small business pain points on social media. Let’s face it – small businesses don’t have the same amount of resources as their big competitors do. This fact is the main cause of all the pain points when trying to attract, engage, and convert potential customers into paid ones.

family law marketing

Family Law Marketing Tips That Will Grow Your Practice

If building your brand as a family law attorney is at the top of your priorities, then it’s time to think more deliberately about family law marketing. Traditional lawyers usually think about billboards and business cards when they hear the word marketing. In the modern age, however, most clients and referral sources will look for an attorney online. 

email marketing for dentistry

Email Marketing For Dentistry – Why And How To Do It

While it’s true that email has been around for a long time, it’s still relevant and has the best return on investment out of all marketing channels. But is email marketing for dentistry effective? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why you should consider email as a marketing tool for your dental practice

reputation management plastic surgeon

Why Reputation Management For a Plastic Surgeon Is Important?

If you’re involved in the business of cosmetic procedures, reputation management for a plastic surgeon is one of the most important marketing practices you can do. When looking for a plastic surgeon, most people will scour deep online and scrutinize every review available.

email marketing companies miami

Email Marketing 101 – Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy

So, you were wondering how you could shake up your marketing approach and that led you to consider email marketing. Specifically, you ended up looking at some of the email marketing companies in Miami. Nonetheless, you still might not be convinced that this is the right avenue for your business.

callout extension

What Is An Example Of A Useful Callout Extension?

Google Callout extensions are an excellent way to emphasize your offers alongside your ads in Google search. Callout extensions will enable you to add more info under your ads to highlight your free shipping, offers, and deals! Callout extensions are similar to Google Ad ‘site links’. Unlike site link extensions, callout extensions aren’t clickable.

realtor advertise

Can A Realtor Advertise Other Realtors Listing?

The social media advertising of associates is covered in Article 12 of the Realtors Code of Ethics. It is not permitted for Realtors to promote their property without their authority as advertising cannot be done by any other means, including advertising on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest or the listing websites on the internet.

digital marketing

What Content Could Be Used For A Structured Snippet Extension?

Using snippet extensions is one of the best ways to highlight your google ads for businesses that always look for the best way to promote what they offer. They want to do it most quickly and efficiently. It is a method to help users who are looking for something on google and a method for search engines to learn what is on your website and its purpose. 

google maps

How to Download Images from Google Maps

Google Maps is a beautiful tool for learning about almost any place on earth, partly due to its devoted user base. Users on Google Maps can submit reviews of places they’ve visited and even upload photos of them for others to see.

why is google ads a viable option

Why Is Google Ads A Viable Option?

Suppose you’re an advertiser who wants to start capitalizing on the Google search results and quickly gain the attention of your target audience. In that case, signing up to use Google Ads is the best possible option.