8 Great Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Sheltering at Home

As you well know, networking lunches, industry conferences, and cocktail hours are gone for a while. Accordingly, the best option for your law firm marketing resources is to, of course, go online. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that online activity has surged lately, up by about 25%.

You may feel inclined to avoid doing marketing right now because of the pandemic and the fact that potential clients may have different priorities right now. But, think again. Your law firm provides services that are sought after during this time of uncertainty. So, avoid the urge to stop your marketing altogether. Rather, use this time of sheltering at home to re-work and customize your marketing approach to meet the times. 

In this article, we will give you 8 great tips for your law firm marketing during this COVID-19 crisis. If, after considering the tips below, you have more questions about how to better digitally marketing your practice, then reach out to Oamii.  

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Now, on to the 8 tips to build your book of business, even during this crisis:

1. Connect on a Personal Level with Clients

There is a great deal of power in the “check-in.” This is now a good time to see how your clients are doing and make sure they are coping with the recent events. There is no need to “sell” your services, or even look for case opportunities. Simply use this as an opportunity to check-in, build rapport, and reassure those you work with that we’re all in this together.

2. Be An Expert in the COVID-19 Legal Area That Pertains to You

Quality, useful content on your website, or as part of an email campaign, will always be a solid way to emphasize your skills as an attorney. In that vein, make sure that you use this sheltering-at-home time to create blogs and articles that are useful to your clients, and the universe of potential clients, who need COVID-19 advice in your legal specialty. As a quick example, any employment attorney would be wise to provide content on paid leave and family leave provisions in the recently passed CARES Act.

3. Spruce Up the Website

Virtually every person seeking legal advice, 96%, will use a search engine to get that advice. Further, about 74% will reach out to a firm through the firm’s website. That tells you some very powerful information – your online presence, particularly your website, is of vital importance. Accordingly, do what you can to have your website be current, full of engaging content, and responsive to questions your clients will have.

4. Reach out to Millennials

About 80 million Americans are in the “millennial” generation. You want to be relevant to that demographic. Print media and radio ads will not reach that generation. Why? Because they are looking mostly for online content. In particular, they look for free downloads, e-books, video content, and a social media presence. Flex to those styles by having a millennial-focused aspect of your marketing.

5. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

At least 7 in 10 people are searching the internet through their smartphone. So, if you have not already, be sure to configure your website so it looks great, and can be easily navigated, on a cell phone. 

6. Get Your Video Game Up and Running

This 2017 article from tubularinsights.com tells us that 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video content. And when you think about it, wouldn’t you rather watch a two-minute video on a subject that interests you, rather than get caught in a spiral of reading long articles on the subject? Use that feeling to motivate you to create some helpful videos yourself.   

7. Focus on Facebook

Facebook is still the platform of choice for more than half of those online. So, to manage the finite time you have in marketing your firm, that means you should focus on Facebook. It is where most Americans get their news, it has the highest percentage of daily users and has the highest number of daily sessions. You want to be where the people are, and mostly they are on Facebook.

8. Have a “Problem-Solving” Bio

Many attorneys, perhaps you as well, have bios on their website that touts their accomplishments. That can be impressive. But the bio that explains to the visitor exactly how your bio will solve a problem for them, that is the bio that will attract a lead.

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