Social Media Marketing

What is Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Did you know that 96 percent of respondents to an Attorney at Work survey report that they use social media, 70 percent report that they use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy, and 84 percent say that they are on LinkedIn?

Those a relatively high numbers, which means that if your competition is in the social media world – you and your firm need to be there too.  

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to take a look at how you can fashion a winning social media marketing plan for your law firm, so you do not miss a massive opportunity to gain some yardage over your competitors, attract potential clients, and build connections for referral sources.  

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What Are the Advantages of Social Media for Law Firms?

It is a common assumption that social media is essentially a place for movie stars and make-up tips, but that is actually not quite the case. Many businesses from mom-and-pop shops to McDonald’s have a considerable presence on social media, and law firms are doing the same.  

So, what are the ways in which your firm can take advantage of what social media has to offer in order to ultimately increase your bottom line? Here are a few benefits:

1. Engaging your audience.  The notion that “any press is good press” applies here. The more that your firm is interacting with users online, the more chance you will have for additional prospects.

2. Attracting client leads.  Building on the first item, social media is a platform to connect with possible new clients.  In fact, in the survey mentioned above, 42 percent of attorneys report that a social media presence had some impact on getting new clients.

3. Creating brand awareness.  As with any business, branding is everything. While such concerns as the tone, look, feel, and reputation of your firm might seem secondary to good solid legal work, every firm has a brand, and you need to try to distinguish your brand from others.  

4. Impress with smart, helpful content.  Of course, social media is a place to post things.  So, the more you post intelligent, interesting, and informative information, the more your firm’s reputation will improve.

5. Indirect improvement of SEO results. Although search engines like Google do not use social media to directly rank a firm, there is a relationship between a better social media presence and a better search engine rank.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Plan Look Like?

Preparing on the front end for your firm’s social media marketing will save you a lot of time spent with trial and error on the back end.  In other words, an ounce of planning is worth a pound of execution with regard to social media.

So, here are some elements of what you need to set up with a social media marketing plan:

1. The Where:  Choose What Platforms to Use

First and foremost, you do not want to bite off more than you can chew.  So, take some time to figure out which platforms will work best for you.  About 48 percent of attorneys find that Facebook is the most-often used platform for law firms.  27 percent state that they spend more time on LinkedIn.

Accordingly, choose the platforms that seem to make the most sense for you:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter?  Remember that you can always add more platforms as you go along.  

2. The What:  Choose the Content

This one is easier said than done.  You want to be sure to make engaging content that will get users focused and willing to hang on to view what you post.  Videos often capture people’s attention much more than text.  So, think about making a few engaging content videos on YouTube and post on your social media account.

3. The Who:  What Is Your Firm’s Image?

Another piece of the planning puzzle is figuring out what about your firm you would like to emphasize – are you the small-town-neighborhood-lawyer operation, or do you want to project a more corporate-big-business image?  Having a “take” or “brand” figured out ahead of time will inform how you go about placing content on your social media.  

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