distinguishes your firm from the rest

What Distinguishes Your Firm from the Rest?

In a previous blog, we talked about the “4 Great Ways for Your Law Firm to Rise Above the Pack.”  This blog will continue in that vein because there are more than just four ways to distinguish your firm from the competition.  Of course, you are always struggling as a law firm, and as a business, with that “constantly rising marketing floor.”

Remember the Constantly Rising Marketing Floor?

If you recall, the constantly rising marketing floor refers to that phenomenon whereby a marketing technique is initially pioneering, something no one else has +done or has even thought of, and results in some significant gains for that pioneering firm.  Then, as more firms begin to catch on and use the technique, competition increases among those firms.  Finally, the marketing technique has become ubiquitous, and firms must search for new ways to market and distinguish themselves because everyone has signed on to the industry marketing standard.

Although law firms tend to lag behind other businesses when it comes to marketing technology, that constantly rising floor phenomenon is demonstrated in law firms’ use of a website, social media, and targeted online content.

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Now let’s discuss a few ways in which your firm can distinguish itself from your competition.  This primer can give you a taste of the quality and innovation that Oamii can bring to your law firm’s internet marketing approach.

Innovative Idea 1 – Get to Know Your Local Community

Lots of times, businesses and firms that wish to grow and become a bigger presence in the industry think that means reaching beyond the town in which the firm resides.  The idea that to “be big” means to not be connected to the local surroundings.  Not so.  In fact, a lot of strength – and business – can come from making sure that your law firm has solid ties to the local community.

A lot of law firms are doing it.  More and more, firms are getting savvy about using the power of community involvement to not only do good works but also get a marketing boost out of it.  If you or your firm have yet to do so, consider sponsoring a local event, providing a scholarship, or helping a charity.

The benefits of getting involved in the local community are threefold:

1. You help those in need,
2. You are able to promote your law firm in a positive, nurturing, helpful, and selfless way,
3. You create and/or enrich those important bonds that connect you to the community or surrounding communities and reach even more possible clients.

Then, of course, you make sure that your digital presence makes the most of your firm being the socially conscious, community-focused firm that works with the local community.  When it comes to the perception of your firm in the eyes of potential clients, such community involvement can only be positive.

Innovative Idea 2 – Focus on the Customer Experience, Both Online and Off

The best website, the fanciest logo, and the most sophisticated-looking law degrees will not make up for a quality customer experience.  The competition is too stiff now to rest on your amazing lawyerly skills, without worrying about how your clients rate your interpersonal skills.  Customer experience is clearly a distinguishing characteristic.

Indeed, have you ever been to a fancy restaurant where the service was aloof or downright cold?  Being fancy alone does not cut it.  You would, 99% of the time, prefer a slightly less fancy affair, with friendly service.  The same goes true for law firms.

So, what goes into a good customer experience?  These 5 things:

1. Have answers to the key problems facing your clients,
2. Provide a website that is easily navigable, has intuitive menus, and has clear calls to action,
3. Allow clients to have multiple ways of contacting you,
4. Establish a reliable follow-up process for questions,
5. Provide tools and resources to educate and inform potential clients.

You should remember that we now live in an age of instant online response.  Accordingly, it is no longer acceptable to take several days to respond to a request.  If someone reaches out to your firm by phone, by email, or through social media, you need a process in place to provide an immediate response and a timely substantive follow-up.  If you do not have those procedures, you will lose the potential client to a competitor.  Rapid response to questions and problems is the way to distinguish yourself and your firm.

Innovative Idea 3 – Website Content Should Inform, Assist, and Educate

Following along the lines of the importance of customer experience, a law firm website must go beyond the basics of a bio and contact information.  A desirable online customer experience includes a website that has content and resources.

People often want to learn a little about a subject before talking to a professional.  So, if a potential client found your firm’s website because you provide services in the relevant area of law, then the website should have resources and tools to inform and engage the visitor.  Why is that helpful?

1. You are providing some assistance to your visit at no cost – which will help the visitor to like your firm, also
2. You are demonstrating your firm’s expertise in a particular area of the law – now your visitor is impressed.

Oamii, is Florida’s top law firm internet marketing agency.  We know how you can distinguish your firm.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about what Oamii can do for your law firm’s internet marketing.  Fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.