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What Are the Marketing Terms You Need to Care About?

“I need to revert back to see if we can synergize those two silos, and then we can try to find some value add.”  Have you heard that type of business jargon before?  It’s okay, all of us have.

As lawyers, we know that there are many terms of art that matter to the practice of law, and we know that there are other types of corporate-speak or business jargon that are really not very helpful and may serve to confuse more than clarify.  The sentence above is a brilliant example of the latter.    

That same dichotomy holds true in the digital marketing world.  Lots of online web gurus are out there to make you feel that you are ‘not in the know’ if you know certain types of marketing jargon.  However, just like in the law, there are terms of art for digital marketers that are meaningful and terms that are less so.  

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to talk about the digital marketing terms that you need to know so you can effectively use digital marketing for your own law firm.  If the words you hear about marketing are not on this list, then you can rest assured that the person using all the fancy terms is really just trying to make things more complicated than they really are.    

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The Digital Marketing Terms that Matter to Law Firms

The following is a list of marketing terms that will be most helpful as you market your law firm online.  While there are a vast number of marketing terms in all, this shortened list is meant to give you the fundamentals that you will need to communicate effectively with marketing professionals.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The goal of SEO is to increase the visibility of your website.  In other words, you want to have search engines like Google rank your website high (preferably on the first page) when someone runs an online search.  To do that, you need to put content on your website that has important keywords, coupled with valuable information, that will draw traffic to your site.    

Call to Action (CTA).  If you are a litigator who writes legal briefs, you know that you should conclude a brief by suggesting what action the court should take:   e.g., “Therefore, we ask the court to dismiss the motion.”  The same is true in a marketing piece.  You need to be sure to suggest that the reader take action, in other words, a “Call to Action.”  A good example would be, “Please click on our Contact Us page to learn more.”  

Pay per Click (PPC).  PPC refers to a type of paid online advertising. In short, it is a way of paying for advertising. Instead of giving a fixed amount to post an ad somewhere, in the digital world, you can post an ad and only pay when someone actually clicks on that ad – pay per click.  

Marketing Lead.  A lead, or marketing lead, is simply a potential law firm client. Now, remember, a lead is not just someone who saw your website.  It is a person who is in the market for legal services, and who has taken some action that demonstrates his or her interest in speaking with someone at your firm.  For example, if a person filled out the “Contact Us” form on your website, or has reached out and left a message, then they are a lead that could eventually become a client.

Conversion Rate.  This is the percentage of people who visit your website who become marketing leads.  That is, they “convert” from website visitor to person interested in speaking with your firm.  The term “conversion” has also been used for the percentage of leads to convert to paying clients.

Return on Investment (ROI).  This is a number that is used in all types of industries and applies equally to marketing.  It is basically a percentage that shows how much new business you obtain by investing in marketing.  For example, if you are spending lots of money on a website, but no one visits the site, then you are getting a low return on your investment or a low ROI.

In sum, with this list of marketing terms under your belt, you should feel comfortable that you can communicate effectively with outside marketing people as well as those who do marketing in the house for you.  

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