What are the Latest Changes to Law Firm Marketing in 2020?

Marketing your law firm is a marathon, not a sprint. When marketing, you are playing the long game. You need to ramp up your brand, ramp up your client reach, and ramp up your name recognition. So, it is important to recharge from time to time and consider that your marketing efforts need to be focused on a particular goal, and they also need to be sustained for a period of time to see if the particular marketing approach is effective and is getting traction. So, try not to become too stressed over lack of results in the short term. 

In addition, you have to be careful to avoid the “shiny objects” of new technology. This blog is about new trends law firm marketing in 2020 because it is never a bad idea to keep your eyes on the horizon for what new things in marketing are happening. That way you can decide whether to incorporate those into your own marketing plan. At the same time, however, you need to stay on the marketing marathon course and not jump off to a new trend just because it’s the “latest thing.”  

In this blog, we will reinforce the fundamental things you need to remember about law firm marketing in 2020, and then we will discuss the changes in marketing in 2020, of which you should be aware as you continue your own firm’s marketing efforts.  

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Before Looking at Trends, Remember the Marketing Fundamentals: Your Overall Goals

First things first. Marketing is about reaching out to the public to achieve a certain business goal. With all of the fun new bells and whistles of online marketing, it can become very, very easy to get caught up in the game of seeking the number of “likes” or the number of “follows” or placement on rankings or website traffic.

Remember, you are a law firm. That means that your business is providing legal services to clients. Thus, a law firm marketing in 2020 campaign should be focused on one of three specific, law-firm-related goals. They are:

1. Getting new clients;
2. Increasing revenue per client; and
3. Increasing your referral network.

Accordingly, when you are establishing a marketing goal for your campaign, make sure it is specific, and it is focused on one of those three goals, rather than website traffic or Google rankings.  

For example, a good law firm goal for a personal injury law firm is something like: “sign 20 new motorcycle accident cases next month.”  

Then, pick a key performance indicator to measure the success or failure in achieving that goal, such as average time of conversion (how long it takes for leads to become paying clients), or landing page conversion rate (how often does a person who fills out contact info on a landing page become a client).

Finally, stick to the campaign for a period of time like six months to a year, and keep an eye on the key performance indicator you chose.

Now Let’s Talk 2020 Trends

Here are some of the most recent changes in digital marketing in 2020.  

First, the room at the top of search results has recently gotten smaller. Featured blurbs, or snippets, with some content that answers a question posed in the search box is taking up lots of space on the first search results page. The law firm website that is quoted in the snippet gets a real boost.  

Second, there are now things called Favicons that sit right next to Google results. They are the icons that are typically logos.  

Third, Google has changed its algorithms. More of a premium is placed on a website’s quality, comprehensiveness, and relevance.  

Fourth, there has been a substantial increase in the number of leads that come from local results, which is when users click on a law firm site in the map section of the search results. The fact that a firm has many positive reviews adds a lot to an increase in website traffic.  

Remember, the ultimate goal here is to be in the right place at the right time when a client needs representation in your area of expertise.  

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