What About LinkedIn Marketing?

Attorney marketing in West Palm Beach and elsewhere is largely focused on the big-ticket digital marketing items: website, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), and email marketing campaigns. There is, of course, some attention to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but there is not a whole lot of chatter about LinkedIn. That is probably all going to change – certainly for small to mid-sized law firms.  

Indeed, the notion of LinkedIn marketing is catching hold, and it makes a ton of sense for law firms in particular. As you likely already know, marketing is not just about reaching out directly to potential client leads. Rather, it is about being in the world, in the atmosphere, where leads will come to you. It takes a while, but successful law firms find that zone. And a huge part of that zone is referrals. LinkedIn, conveniently enough, is great for both direct contact with potential clients and indirect contact with all of your lawyer colleagues who can refer business to you. 

Accordingly, in this article, we will talk about the various ways in which you can make the most out of the LinkedIn platform to help your small law firm get to the next level.

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LinkedIn Is Growing as a Marketing Option

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is focused on networking, content sharing, and career-building. Currently, it is a powerful tool for career connections and advancement and business-to-business interaction.

Hosting about 700 million professionals and 30 million companies worldwide it has a number of features that provide businesses the opportunity to build brand awareness, market their products and services and connect with possible business partners and investors.  

As a platform, it is kind of a bridge between social networking and professional career building. That is why LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a bigger business advertising platform even though a lot of our focus is still on Facebook and Instagram.  

In fact, many still underestimate the power and reach of LinkedIn marketing, yet you know better. For your firm to reach the right people as clients or possible referral sources, LinkedIn could be your answer.

Some LinkedIn Marketing Tips

1. Optimize Your Profile

There is a lot of room for information in your LinkedIn profile, use it to maximum advantage. Make sure that you have a profile picture and banner for your business page. If you have a firm logo, that needs to be prominently displayed.

Do not leave out any applicable fields. As you know, LinkedIn is searchable, the more words, the more chances you might turn up based on someone’s search query. 

Think about customizing your headlines. Perhaps that might grab some attention, rather than blending in with all other profiles that kept the defaults.  

Also, make sure that you get to know LinkedIn’s features, and you connect with topic-based communities that match your area of practice.

2. How About Some LinkedIn Blogging?

Make sure that your profile is active, i.e., that it appears to be brimming with activity, which means having new content on your profile periodically that is useful and informative. This is the cheapest way to promote your brand without spending any of our budget on digital attorney marketing in West Palm Beach.  

With regard to SEO (search engine optimization) on LinkedIn, here are a few things to consider:

1. Take advantage of the analytics that LinkedIn provides;
2. Think about your target audience’s peak hours of activity and be in the neighborhood during those times;
3. Keep in mind that using relevant keywords will help;
4. You may even want to keep a social media content calendar.

Your LinkedIn connections will be able to figure out whether your content is written by a professional. So, have your blogs address relevant issues in your area.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or resources to create compelling content yourself, then consider getting a digital marketing agency for attorney marketing in West Palm Beach involved.  

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