SEO keywords for home inspection websites

Top 5 SEO Keywords for Home Inspection Websites

Your Home Inspection webpage must address a person’s question or search query better than other sites to rank on the first page of Google.

SEO is also an organic strategy. You do not have to feed a platform with advertising money to draw customers to your business. All visitors who click on your site from SEO efforts come from “organic search” results. Let’s look at the top five keywords to help your business thrive.

Brainstorming Home Inspection Keyword Ideas

Make a list of keywords you would use if you were looking for a home inspector as a user. You can use Google sheets or excel sheets to list them. This initial list will be short and will look something like this:

1. Home inspectors near me
2. Home inspections
3. Residential inspection

Broad List of Keywords

Now add your keyword ideas to the Google Keyword Planner to create a broad list of keywords and then narrow it down to find relevant keywords.

After adding the three keywords to Google Keyword Tool, you should end up with a list of over 500 broad keywords.

There are two critical factors in picking out relevant keywords:

1. Decide if the keywords apply to your specific situation. If the keyword has commercial inspection, it is unfit for your residential inspection business.
2. Research the search volume and only save the keywords with a large search volume.

As you narrow down the list, checking for relevance to your objectives as a home inspector, as well as using the keywords that have the most volume, you should be able to narrow down the list further to 5-10 powerful keywords that will enable you to market your business effectively.

Top 5 SEO Keywords for Home Inspection Websites

As you continue to process the keywords, you will most likely come across these top five keywords. 

1. Home Inspection
2. Property Inspection
3. Home Inspector
4. House Inspector
5. Property Inspector

If you are in the business of commercial inspections, you can use the same process to research keywords for that. 

Now that you found the top 5 keywords for your home inspection business, you have to come up with a plan to rank them for your web pages. 

To optimize your website pages to rank for these keywords, you will not have favorable results unless you add a geo modifier to your keyword. A geo modifier is simply the city and state where your business operates. For example, to target people in Florida, your list will look something like this:

1. Home Inspection Florida
2. Home Inspector in Florida
3. House Inspector Florida
4. Property Inspection Florida
5. Property Inspector Florida

After gathering the list of appropriate keywords, the next step is to optimize on-page. 


Many factors go into the successful optimization of your website. These include title, description, Header tags, website URL, images, text, and internal links. It is not easy to have your website land on the first page of Google just by doing on-page SEO, but it is the most crucial step.

1. Title Tag

For several reasons, the title tag is one of the essential elements in SEO, and this is how Google ranks your web page. Focus on the following keys:

1. Use your keywords in the title to improve your SEO ranking. It will also have a favorable impact on your click-through rates.
2. Make sure your title tag explains what your page is about.
3. Each page of your website needs a proper title tag. It helps Google differentiate between the pages.

2. Meta Description

The meta description is a short explanation of what is on your page and usually consists of one or two sentences that are around 160 characters. This meta description helps to organically drive traffic to your website and gives viewers an option to see what will be on there before they click. 

Meta descriptions should be written for humans, not bots.

It plays an integral role in your rankings. If people click and then immediately hit the back button because your meta description doesn’t match visitors’ expectations, this could negatively affect you. Although make sure your meta description includes keywords and matches the page.

3. URL

The URL is essential in completing the package and driving traffic to your website. It can help visitors understand what they will encounter when visiting your site. Keywords still can be placed in the URL, but they are no longer major ranking factors. For best results, keep the URL under 50 characters.

4. Content

Careful placement of keywords within the content and body of your text will show its relevance and make the content more easily understood by search engines.

However, remember that more is not always better. Stuffing your keyword throughout the body of your content can get you in trouble with SEO algorithms.

5. Header Tag

Tags from H1-H6 also play a small role in your website’s ranking. H1, the main heading on your page, should contain your keyword, but only if it doesn’t affect the natural readability of your text. Tags H2-H6 is not very crucial to SEO optimization. If you can naturally place your keywords in these tags, do so, but don’t sweat it.

6. Images

People are drawn to pictures. So do as much as you can to link the images to the content on your home inspection website. Using keywords in the ALT tags of the image is a good idea.

7. Internal Links

Your home inspection keywords can also link internally to different pieces of content on your website. It is why having a wide variety of pages is a valuable strategy. Whether linking internally to your blog on an individual home inspection topic, or another dedicated page, internal links help your visitors understand what kind of content they are about to experience. Search engines will rank your results higher when you link internally to other pages on your website.


You now have the Top 5 home inspection keywords and the basic on-page optimization techniques to rank yourself higher in search results.

However, there is no guarantee that you will rank at the top of the Google page even with this knowledge. The algorithms are constantly changing, and sometimes it is challenging to know the rules. Get in touch with our team at Oamii, who are up to date with the latest SEO algorithms and trends. Our team will help you rank on top of the search results with proper strategy and execution. Contact us today!