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Top 10 Largest Law Firms in Florida

One of the fundamental rules in marketing is to “know your competition.”  If you have no knowledge of your competition, then you have no context on how to beat that competition.   Indeed, that is part of the key to legal marketing – to show the customer or potential client that you can provide something that others cannot.

The Legal Marketplace is Teeming with Competition

You know better than anyone that the competition in the legal marketplace is stiff.  It is tougher than most other service industries.  Thus, that tremendous competition for potential clients means that knowledge of your competitors is that much more significant.

That is why we are devoting this blog to the largest law firms in Florida.  Having a sense of what the “big players” in Florida do (and don’t do), can help you improve your market positioning in the legal landscape here in the Sunshine State.

If you are a member of one of the largest law firms in Florida, and you made it on the list below, then congratulations.  You are doing what needs to be done to remain strong, going concern in the legal marketplace.

That being said, however, being the largest law firm in Florida does not always translate into being the best law firm in Florida.  In fact, if you are trying to build your book of business in a smaller firm, or have your own solo practice, there is no need to hang your head.  You are primed to position your smaller firm as the answer to large law firm issues.

Is Larger Better?

While the largest law firms in Florida have, obviously, the greatest number of attorneys and the most resources available to them, they can face particular challenges.

First, being one of the largest law firms in Florida means that it is tougher to be nimble in the face of market changes.  During economic downturns, bankruptcy work heats up.  Yet, when the market is bullish on Wall Street, bankruptcy will slow down, and corporate/commercial work might increase.  Thus, a firm that is largely focused on bankruptcy, particularly a large firm, will face challenges based on current economic forces.

Second, a large law firm faces more difficulty providing clients with that one-on-one, personalized touch.  Of course, it is certainly possible for a partner at a large law firm to ensure their clients feel cared for.  Yet, the simple ‘law of large numbers’ seems to result in larger law firms finding it harder to make their clients feel like part of the family, rather than one of many.

Those challenges present opportunities for the smaller law firms out there.  Use your firm’s “brand,” i.e., your firm’s personality and feel, to make distinctions between the bigger players in the field.  With some smart marketing moves, you can compete with the largest law firms in Florida, and come out on top.

Now let us take a look at the top 10 largest law firms in Florida, based on Florida Trend magazine’s 2018 Book of Lists, to understand them a little better.

Rank #1 – Akerman

Headquartered in Miami, boasting 410 lawyers and 10 offices in Florida alone, Akerman is at the top of the list of largest law firms in Florida.  Akerman prides itself on being “among the most forward-thinking law firms in the industry.”  Akerman specializes in middle-market M&A and complex disputes, with a focus on the financial services and real estate sectors.

Rank #2 – Greenberg Traurig

Also headquartered in Miami, with 373 lawyers and 8 offices in Florida, Greenberg Traurig’s founding office is, in fact, its Miami office.  Accordingly, Greenberg has deep roots in South Florida’s business community, and markets itself as having “Miami Roots, Global Reach.”  Not a bad slogan.

Rank #3 – Holland & Knight

Holland’s headquarters, as with most of the top 10 firms in Florida, is in Miami.  Holland has 358 lawyers in 9 Florida offices.  Because Miami is a well-known stopping point for international trade, banking, real estate, and construction, telecommunications, transportation and healthcare, Holland & Knight focuses its practice on those industries.

Rank #4 – Cole Scott & Kissane

Cole has 311 Florida lawyers in 11 Florida offices, with its main headquarters in Miami.  Cole is primarily a litigation law firm that tries to make sure that size does not necessarily dilute the value it places in each and every client relationship.  Also, Cole makes a point to celebrate its commitment to the diversity of its workforce, which without doubt enhances the depth and quality of service it provides.

Rank #5 – GrayRobinson

Based in Orlando, GrayRobinson has 300 attorneys in 13 offices in Florida.  GrayRobinson is not only a full-service law firm, but also a full-service lobbing firm working throughout Florida and Washington, DC.  The firm’s attorneys, consultants, and regulatory professionals provide legal and lobbying services to Fortune 500 companies, businesses, banks, and local and state agencies.

Rank #6 – Shutts & Bowen

With 270 attorneys in 7 Florida offices, Shutts & Bowen is a full-service law firm that has been in existence for over a century.  Based in Miami, Shutts boasts working in over 30 distinct practices areas, including litigation, construction, financial services, corporate, M&A, securities, hospitality, insurance, real estate, taxation, and trusts and estates.  Given that the first name is “Shutts,” they cleverly market themselves by saying that “the door is always open.”

Rank #7 – Carlton Fields

This Tampa-based firm has 244 attorneys in 5 Florida offices.  The firm was founded in 1901 and focuses its practice primarily on banks and other financial service industry clients.

Rank #8 – Quintairos Prieto Wood & Boyer

Quintairos, based in Miami, has 242 attorneys in 10 Florida offices and markets itself as the largest minority- and women-owned law firm in the country.  That is a great distinguishing characteristic, and more than justifies its slogan:  “We think differently, we act differently and we are different.”  The benefit is in the difference at Quintairos.

Rank #9 – Gunster

This West Palm Beach firm, with 182 attorneys in 13 Florida offices fashions itself as having “its fingers on the pulse of Florida’s business climate.”  It also positions itself as a “magnet” for business-savvy attorneys.

Rank #10 – Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan is an Orlando-based firm with 175 attorneys in a whopping 23 Florida offices.  Having a very victim-friendly message, Morgan & Morgan is a top personal injury law firm focused, as it says, on “protecting the people, not the powerful.”  Indeed, a compelling message in this day in age.


So, there you have it.  A quick synopsis of the largest law firms in Florida, and a snapshot on how they position themselves in the legal marketplace.  Now, it is your turn to show potential clients what distinguishes you from the pack.

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