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Toning Up Your Blog: 3 Tips on Tone in Your Law Firm Blogs

Context is everything. There are times when the same comment, or joke, or story in one setting has no business being said in another. We all know that we watch how we say things in the office, yet we know that we can be more informal with best friends.

The same principles about context matter in all of our writing.  As attorneys, we need to make sure that briefs and other legal documents are written in a certain way, using certain terms of art, and are formatted appropriately.  Yet, we would not speak or write a letter to a non-lawyer in the same way.  That is because the key to knowing context is knowing your audience. Once we understand the audience, we can shift our writing style, and even the vocabulary we use, so that the reader will be best able to understand the message.  

Unfortunately, a lot of us have difficulty getting out of the legalese-type groove in which our writing normally sits based on our day-to-day work.  So, when we sit down to our law firm blogs for the firm website, the blog ends up sounding like a legal document, which won’t be very accessible to those potential clients seeking legal information on your website.

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to discuss the all-important concept of tone when writing law firm blogs.  In fact, we have three great tips that you can employ right away in your own law firm blogs.  If, after reading this article, you want more information on small and mid-size law firm marketing in general, then we welcome you to reach out to Oamii, the SEO company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Three Tips on Tone

Here are three helpful tips that you can use as a reference to get the right tone for your law firm blogs.

1. Readable and friendly for non-lawyers:  

Your website audience is comprised of non-lawyers who want to learn a little about a legal subject.  That means no legalese; no long run-on sentences; and no legal citations.  

Instead, you want to shoot for short, understandable sentences; short paragraphs; and helpful sub-headings.  Your law firm blogs should always be in the second person as if you are having an informal conversation with a potential client who just asked you a legal question at a cocktail party (you are not giving legal advice, but you are giving some legal basics).

2. Include a “call to action:”  

The articles should include a call to action without sounding too sales-y.  For example, a call to action – which is basically asking your reader to take action – could sound like this, “If you would like to learn more about car accident claims, we welcome you to go to our Contact Us page.”  It is not a bad idea to have a short call to action after the intro of a piece, and then again at the end of the piece.  It sounds crazy, but if readers are not reminded to take the next step (or it seems too difficult to do so), they might not do it.  So, a call to action is worth it.

3. Geared towards solving a problem the target audience likely has:

The content should certainly not scare anyone, but an effective article should introduce a problem that your target audience may be dealing with (e.g., “HR just received a claim of discrimination”), and then, in general terms, explain how the problem can be solved.  That solution includes the legal standards that are relevant to the problem.  

Of course, the gist of the article should always be that an experienced lawyer is a way for the reader to effectively solve the problem, so they should call your firm.

So, there it is.  Three tips on a tone that you can immediately use in your next law firm blogs.  

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