The Nestled-In Networker

There is no sugar coating this coronavirus health crisis. The economy is taking an enormous hit, and it does not look like we will be able to really climb out of this downturn quickly. Rather, it will be more like a slower-than-desired reconstruction.

In the meantime, virtually all of us are sheltering at home, wearing masks in public, dealing with family and pets all day in a way that is probably unfamiliar to a lot of us. We are scrubbing down our grocery bags before we enter the house, and we fear for the health of our loved ones, especially those over the age of 60.

What Do I Do Now? Can I Be a Nestled-In Networker for My Law Firm?

Given this never-before set of circumstances, you are probably wondering whether it is even worth it to try to market your law firm. Unless you are in the industries of employment law, health care law, or risk management, your law firm is probably at a very steep lull in activity.

Without question, it is hard to find any silver lining. But, that said, think about the situation: You are stuck at home in front of your computer. With just that tool available to you, you can keep yourself busy, intellectually stimulated, and focused by taking care of some much-needed digital marketing for your law firm.

In other words, while courts are closed, hearings are postponed, and clients are pulling back work, for the time being, you want to get your marketing game in order. That way, when we finally come out of this crisis, you can be proud of your online presence. You will know that you have done what you could to update your digital marketing brand. Most importantly, you will be confident to direct potential clients to your updated website, and improved content.

In this article, we will talk about some of the items that would be smart to focus your energy on while you are quarantined at home. Specifically, we are going to emphasize changes to your law firm website that will help you separate your firm from the pack.   

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What Should I Update on My Website?

Unless you have just, in the last few weeks, update your website, it is highly likely that your website could use some freshening up. Here are a few steps you should consider:

Step #1: Think About What the Market Needs Right Now, and in Two Months

Obviously, this coronavirus crisis has sparked a demand for specific legal needs.  For example, many employment law firms are inundated with questions about the new employment (and unemployment) provisions in the emergency legislation just passed by Congress. 

Similarly, many estate planning firms are getting more calls than ever from people who would not normally think about drafting a will.  While people might not get their wills done tomorrow, there is a very good chance that the demand for wills will increase dramatically two months from now.

All that is to say that you should think carefully about your areas of practice, and in what way your specialty will help those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some portion of your practice must touch on the needs of today in some way.    

Knowing those needs, you then have a plan for your marketing in the near future.  

Step #2: Begin to Create Video Blogs

Law firms are only beginning to explore the benefits of having video blogs on their website. For you, now is the time to get video blogs on your site. Why?

Video blogs have myriad benefits. Unlike the written word, a video captures your presence, your passion about your subject, and your presentation skills. As we all know, you learn so much from a person’s non-verbal manner. Thus, in a video you can set potential client’s at ease that you are a seasoned attorney. It also is much more personal than a written blog.  

In sum, consider using this downtime at home to record some short video blogs to enhance your website’s appeal.

Step #3: Target Your Written Blogs

While having a handful of video blogs on your site will help your brand, they are hard to frequently update. Thus, now is also the time to write blog articles targeted on those subjects that you found in Step #1.  

In sum, this current period of downtime can be used rather productively. The legal industry is so saturated, that well-placed digital marketing efforts are the way to differentiate your practice.   

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