The Future is 2020 – Law Firm Marketing Trends in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Bringing in a new year always makes us ponder a little about our lives. We ruminate on what the last year was like, and what we hope the next year will bring. The fact that we are bringing in the year 2020 is even more exciting because our thoughts not only look to the next year, but to the next decade.  

If you are running a solo practice, or if you are part of a larger law firm, you are probably reading this blog because you are wondering what is in store for your book of business in the coming year, and coming decade. Well, this blog is here to tell you that rather than “hindsight being 20-20” we think the future is 2020.  

There are so many interesting, intriguing, and somewhat startling law firm marketing developments on the horizon, that we wanted to make sure you got into the mindset of what is next for law firm marketing.

Perhaps you can use this as a start-off point as you craft your own marketing plan for the new year. It is important to remember that in addition to the usual networking marketing that lawyers do if you can capitalize on a pioneering trend, you may just be able to beat the competition to get that next client.   

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Now, on to the law firm marketing trends for 2020.

1. All About Client Experience

It has been said that 2020 is the “year of the client.” We have all heard that the customer is always right, but in today’s market, it is a worthwhile effort to keep an eye on what your client’s “experience” is when working with your firm.  

Does your firm’s phone always go to voice mail? Does it take too long for you to get back to your client when he or she calls?  What is too long?

All those questions are things that you need to keep front of mind when you are dealing with your clients. You want to get a feel for what each client needs in the way of handholding, and then make sure that you do what you can so your firm can cater to those particularized needs.  

Part of that process is to have a conversation with every client, preferably at the beginning of your engagement, when you can manage the client’s expectations, e.g., how long to wait before expecting a callback, what to do if there is an emergency, etc.  

That said, there are some online tools that can help you manage your client’s experience as well. If the client knows that he or she can get information, or some feedback by going online, then it may assuage any kind of ill will when you are not immediately reachable.  

Consider contacting Oamii to discuss further the kinds of online tools you can employ to improve the client experience. That is because, mark our words, “client experience” will be a buzzword in 2020.

2. Keep Your Content Visual

Research tells us that people simply prefer visual content to plain text online. A great example of this phenomenon is to compare the shift in social media. Facebook and Twitter – largely text media, are losing share to Pinterest and Instagram, largely visual media. That trend says it all. And why is that? Likely, that is true because in life 93% of all communication is visual – even if we are just speaking with someone. Also, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.    

So, your online content needs to meet that reality. While informative content is vital – particularly for potential clients looking for basic legal information – be sure to have a healthy dollop of infographics, images, and video alongside your text content.  

3. SERP Position Zero

Have you ever heard the term SERP? Probably not, but you deal with it every time you run a Google search. SERP stands for “Search Engine Result Page.” So, it sounds hi-tech, but it is simply the search results that come up when you run a search. 

What is interesting for 2020, and you may have noticed this in your own behavior, is that we are clicking on those hits on the SERP less and less.  Rather, we get the quick information we need right from the SERP itself. In other words, after someone runs a search, they learn what they need just from the search results page – which is also called “position zero.”  

What does that mean for you? That means that you need to make sure that when your website comes up on a SERP, that you have feature “snippets” that give the kind of information that will entice a prospective client to click further.  

Consider chatting with a digital marketing professional about how you can ensure that the snippets that pop up on a SERP with your website have information that will draw a potential client further in. 

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