Should Your Law Firm Use Email Marketing? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Firm Should

Anyone who has an email inbox – which is everyone, right? – knows what it is like to get lots and lots of marketing emails. If you have a Gmail account, then you might see that the desktop version of your Gmail account will automatically separate out the emails that Gmail thinks are promotional from those emails that are personal to you. Given that Gmail goes through some effort to separate the two seems to be a good indication that we all get too many promotional emails.

Emails:  Bad Rep, or Important Step?  

Any discussion about email marketing for your law firm leads to some questions. Should your law firm use email marketing at all? If promotional material in your inbox is more of a nuisance than a benefit, why would I want my law firm to add to the pile by doing its own email marketing campaigns? To answer those questions, you may be surprised to learn that for all the bad press that marketing/spam email gets, email marketing really works.  

Think about it, if we never opened emails from other companies, then why are those companies still around? It is because email marketing is an effective way of building your book of business.  

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to talk about the 5 major reasons why your law firm should do email marketing as part of its overall marketing approach. 

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5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Employ Email Marketing


1. You Have Control


Social media, SEO strategies, pay-per-click, and other marketing tools can truly impact your bottom line in a positive way, but you must rely on external channels to accomplish the marketing task. That channel could be Google’s ranking algorithm or the format and rules of a social medial platform.  

Taking Google as an example, your firm’s ranking in Google might be strong today, but any change in an algorithm or any additional content from a competitor could pull you down in rank very quickly. Thus, you cannot rely on certain marketing tools to provide consistent traffic into the future.

Email marketing, by contrast, brings much more control into your own hands. Your firm owns its email list. You can completely control the content of the email – making the presentation as professional or as informal as you believe is appropriate. Having all of that control, means that email marketing can be a consistent way to get your law firm’s message out.  

Of course, the most important thing to keep track of is the very thing we discussed at the beginning of this blog. Do not over-saturate your audience with emails. You definitely do not want your email campaign to be just another piece of spam in someone’s inbox. Yet, with a reasonable use of email as a marketing technique, you will maintain control over your message.


2. Staying Top of Mind


One goal of marketing is to entice people to use your services when they see a piece of marketing material. Yet, another goal is to just remind your audience that you are there, and available to help whenever the time comes. So, email marketing can serve as a gentle reminder (rather than a targeted sales pitch) that you are around to help when necessary.  

Through periodic email reminders – whether it be an announcement of a firm achievement or an article on an interesting topic – potential clients, or previous clients who went dormant, may be more apt to call you when a legal issue arises.  


3. Saving Money


Online and offline marketing for law firms generally costs money. Websites cost money, as do newspaper or billboard advertisements. However, email marketing is relatively inexpensive. With judicious uses of tools like Mailchimp and other email template designers like, you will be able to set up a professional email campaign in only a few hours for perhaps less than $100 per month, if you do it on your own. Even with a West Palm Beach digital marketing agency’s assistance, it is still a very low monthly cost.  


3. Referral Driver


While emails to prior clients might incentivize the client to ask for more work, an email campaign to prior clients can also lead to referrals. With just a few referrals based on an email newsletter or some other piece, you might get work that will more than pay for the email marketing effort.


4. Set Your Own Tone


Email marketing gives your firm a chance to speak directly to a potential client, or former client. The impression of what your firm is all about is set through your marketing materials. So, a well-built email campaign can truly show how professional your firm is by having a solid, readable, interesting look. And that look and feel of the email will speak volumes about the type of firm you are. It is a real plus to give that energy out so clients can respond to your firm.

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