Should My Firm Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you get sick, what do you do? You go to the doctor. If you need someone to build you a handmade table for your home, what do you do? You go to a carpenter. If you want a five-star Italian meal, what do you do? You go to the finest Italian restaurant in your area.  

Yes, you could try to heal yourself if you are feeling ill; yes, you can take the time to figure out how to build a table from wood you get at Home Depot; and yes, you can arguably get a cookbook and try to create the finest of Italian cuisine. But, is it worth the time and energy to go through the massive learning curve required just to get rid of an infection, get a piece of furniture, or eat a good meal? (Arguably, if you take the time to go to med school you would no longer need to practice law).

You get the point. There are some things that are worth doing yourself. Yet, there are other things that are so specialized and would take so much time to learn that it is worth getting the pros to do it for you. Digital marketing of your law firm is in the latter category.

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Miscalculating the Cost of Learning Something New

It happens all too often that we look at the cost of hiring a professional and say to ourselves “I can do that myself and save money.” We then embark on a journey where, nine times out of ten, you do not get to your desired goal.  

The reason we often make that mistake is because we miscalculate the cost of a certain activity – it is not just dollars. Take the carpenter for example. We think that the price of wood is so cheap compared to what we would pay a carpenter that it is worth it to try to make the table ourselves. Yet, we forget all of the time and energy spent (which is hard to value in dollars) on learning the basics of building a piece of furniture.  

Remember, money is not the only cost of doing something. The loss of time doing the project is also an opportunity cost.

Do What You Do Well

You spent a great deal of time and money getting a law degree. People who need legal help come to you as a professional on the subject. By the same token, you should do the same when it comes to marketing your firm.

As lawyers, we all think we know a lot. But, at the end of the day, we need to admit to ourselves that we are not experts in marketing.  

So, the advice of this piece is to do what you do well and get pros to help you with the other stuff. In other words, we practice law very well but leave your digital marketing to a professional.

The Benefit of Time Saved

As busy lawyers, there are already enough pressures on our time. If you have even a somewhat healthy docket, you are likely working long hours, and juggling lots of cases as it is. How can you add the burden of trying to figure out how to create a website that ranks in Google as well.  

So, if you outsource your digital marketing function, you will find that you free yourself up to focus on what you do well – the practice of law.

Digital Marketing is Different

You might be saying to yourself that because you engage in traditional marketing – conferences, in-person networking, newsletters, etc. – then you can also do digital marketing. Not so. Digital marketing is different.

Digital marketing includes knowing how to develop a website with the right search engine optimization (SEO) so that Google will know that your firm exists and will rank when potential clients run searches. Digital marketing includes a social media presence that is designed in a way that will attract users to view your firm’s website.  

Indeed, there are so many technical aspects to digital marketing that there is a reason that computer experts do it.  

In sum, unless you are very tech-savvy and can keep up with the constant changes in digital marketing, you are most likely better off focusing on your law practice and getting help in digital marketing that you need.  

Indeed, the famous quote “no person is an island,” applies here. While you may enjoy being a “jack of all trades,” you do not want to end being a “master of none.”  Keep working on your mastery of the law.       

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