Personal or Professional: How Should I Format My Firm’s Marketing Emails?

Sometimes it’s better to do it the old-fashioned way. There are many, many new digital marketing tricks out there. It’s a full-time job just keeping track of all various ways in which you can reach potential clients these days. Yet, there is a real benefit sometimes to just using a tried and true method for reaching out, one that’s been used for years – email marketing.  

As we noted in our multi-part blog series on email marketing, many of our clients worry that email marketing is not effective. Indeed, many perceive marketing emails as more of a nuisance than a necessary part of a law firm’s marketing strategy. At Oamii, one of the top digital marketing agencies in West Palm Beach, we understand the trepidation around email marketing. And if not done wisely, marketing emails truly may not have the desired effect for you.  

However, you can employ email marketing in a way that will help keep you on the “top of mind” of past, current, and potential clients, without the marketing coming off as too much, coming off as too slick, or being automatically directed to someone’s spam folder.  

In this article, we will discuss something that has aesthetic importance regarding your email marketing approach, and can be driven by your firm’s brand in the same way that your website does. Specifically, we will talk about the look and feel of your marketing emails. While you may think that you are limited to very few choices, there is substantial nuance with your email approach.  

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The Email Marketing Considerations

Try to view the email marketing aesthetic as sitting on a sliding scale between two opposites. The opposites are personal vs. professional. To be clear, “personal” does not mean sloppy, inappropriately informal, or typo-filled. It is more a description of a certain tone. By the same token, “professional “ does not necessarily mean impersonal, or “sales-y.” Rather, it is a slightly different posture in how you address your audience.   

The concept of a sliding scale, or continuum, is important here. That is because there are not only two modes. The tone of an email can have shades of both personal and professional. The question is what mix works best for your firm’s brand. If your practice handles many clients in one very specific practice area, and the cases typically have a short life span, then perhaps a more professional approach is called for. Yet, if you have fewer clients, who are typically engaged in cases that have a long life span and are more complex, then perhaps the personal touch is needed.

Now, let’s discuss the different formats for an email marketing strategy.

Plain Text Email Marketing

As you would expect, plain text emails are just like the emails you send and receive at work. The magic of them is that they are a very personal touch. It has the feel of a work email, and it can speak to the reader in a somewhat personalized way. These types of emails are perfect for drip email marketing campaigns. That is because follow-up drip emails typically have to impart substantive information that is following up from previous contacts with the current or potential client.  

Now, the personalized touch does not mean that the email has to be personal to each and every recipient. But, it should have a more familiar tone than other marketing materials.  

Emails with Images and Graphics

By contrast, image-rich emails that resemble a marketing brochure can be used most effectively to grab a reader’s attention and focus the reader on some particular content like a new article. These image-heavy emails are best suited for promoting webinars and other events, as well as newsletters. 

They are not quite as good for drip emails because they come off far more promotional. And with drip emails, you want to have a more focused, follow-up-type of quality.  

The In-Between Choice

It is also an option to have an email marketing campaign with an email that is largely text but has a few images for a little more polished look. Like image-heavy emails, the in-between email has a personal touch but still gives a bit of gloss that will draw the reader’s attention.  

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