Optimize Your Law Firm Website with Eye-Catching Visual Content

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  There is really no denying that we are a visual culture.  That explains why reading a Shakespeare play cannot compare to seeing one performed on stage, why we have all seen the movie version of something before ever reading the book that it is based on, and why videos on social media get the most clicks.

We Simply Prefer Interactive and Visual Content

As much as we like to think that we can curl up with a good book and let our imaginations soar, it is more likely for most people to unwind by going through their social media feed and getting a good chuckle out of the latest .GIF or zany video that just went viral.  Indeed, Forbes magazine tells us that 91 percent of consumers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based, or static media.

With that reality in mind, it is no surprise that websites that have eye-catching visuals will delight and stimulate a user much more than websites with long blocks of text.  Of course, this blog is a bit of a chunk of text as well – but we have to explain the concepts somewhere (imagine a smile emoji right here).  

Accordingly, this article will delve into the notion that optimizing your law firm’s website with visual content is a lawyer marketing tool that can greatly increase your law firm ranking on any Google search.  In fact, Google will note, and reward, you with higher rankings if your firm’s website has video and other compelling visual content.  

So, let us begin going through the various ways in which you can make your law firm’s website pop, and as a result, have your law firm ranking pop as well.

1.Meet Those In Your Audience Where They Are

Basic marketing advice for any brand or company is to have your marketing tap into what’s on your customers’ minds at this moment.  In other words, see what is trending, and then provide content that is what your audience will want to share.

That can be easily applied in the law firm context.  What do those who are searching legal websites want? Most likely, they want advice, information on a personal or business legal issue, and confirmation of previous assumptions.  So, meet your audience members where they are. With engaging visual content, give your audience the kind of information that will help them.  

To put it more simply, potential clients coming to your website will be happy to review blogs and articles on significant legal topics.  Even better, potential clients will be drawn to any short videos you create to explain a particular area of the law.  

2. Don’t Forget That a Picture is Worth 1000 Words

When conveying complex, particularly statistical information, don’t use words.  Use a graph, or an instructional video. If you ever wanted to learn how to tie a bowtie, are you going to the book on tying bowties?  Or, are you going to watch a YouTube video on it? Exactly.  

On your law firm’s website, look through to see if there are opportunities to have a video better tell the story you are trying to tell.  You might also see on a lot of websites today that as you scroll past a certain part of the screen, number counters appear. You can see the numbers counting up in real time demonstrating how many cases won, or how many clients helped.  

You may ask yourself what the point of watching the number scroll in real time, compared to just posting the number.  The reason? It is interesting to look at the numbers scrolling. Admit it, you have stopped on those counters waiting to see what numbers pop up, right? 

3. Other Types of Visuals

So far, we have been talking about videos and graphics (and those counter things), but there are other visual items to bring variety to your law firm website.  They are:

  • A separate text box giving “Little known facts about . . . “
  • “How to . . . “ instructional videos or lists.
  • Slideshows
  • Simple bold headings and spreadsheet-type content.

4. Be Generous With “Shareability” & Take Your Time

Do not be afraid to have your law firm’s website contain items that are easy to share.  Be sure that your website has all of the latest social sharing icons.  

Finally, you now know how important varied visual content is for your law firm ranking.  But, try not to get overwhelmed. It takes time to build a solid, useful, stimulating website that will help you attract clients.  So, commit to constantly updating, improving, and changing your firm’s website.  

You can’t make a major overhaul overnight.  Rather, slow and steady wins the race. Add visual elements as you go, and before you know it, your website will be the kind of site where potential clients become actual clients.    

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