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Law Firms, You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation: Oamii’s Expertise Can Help

In any business, reputation is everything. Without a good reputation in the marketplace, your business will not be able to attract customers or command customer loyalty. Without those fundamentals, your business ultimately will be bested by the competition.

Those basic principles apply to law firms as well. Now that we are in the digital age, managing the online reputation of your business, or law firm, is crucial. This article will discuss some of the particular challenges law firms face with regard to managing a reputation online, and it will give you a way to solve them. Specifically, Oamii – South Florida’s top digital reputation management agency – can leverage its expertise to build and maintain your firm’s reputation.

Why Should a Law Firm Take Extra Care in Keeping Track of Its Online Reputation?

Law firms pose a special challenge in the reputation game. Where other businesses provide a tangible product or easily quantifiable service, law firms provide a very sophisticated product and service.

Indeed, if you buy soda, it is easy to know whether you got what you paid for right away. If you hire a personal assistant, you can quickly know if the person is completing the projects and errands you need to complete. However, with legal services, the ability to identify quality is a tougher equation.

Legal representation requires a lawyer to use a great deal of judgment, make difficult choices as part of a legal strategy, and skillfully keep the client informed and involved in the process. Of course, a legal case, whether corporate or litigation, has stakes that are much higher than a soda purchase.

Accordingly, it is more difficult for a client to discern whether a lawyer is providing effective, competent service. The client may also have difficulty understanding the value of what a lawyer does. That can result in misunderstandings, or even a negative impression of the representation, even if the lawyer worked diligently on the case.

Those misperceptions on the client’s part can lead to negative marks for you, especially online. With the digital space being front-and-center in the world of marketing, a negative review online could spell trouble for any firm. In fact, that brings us to the notion of negativity bias.

Negativity Bias, What Does that Mean?

Negativity bias is the phrase that is used to describe the human phenomenon where people tend to have stronger memories of negative experiences than positive ones. With regard to business, negativity bias explains why people are more apt to complain about a problem with a product or service than compliment a positive experience with a product or service.

When it comes to online reviews, such as Yelp or other online places for comment, you can see in real-time that people are much quicker to complain than compliment. We all know that not everyone will have a flawless experience with a legal case, particularly if the case does not go the way they planned, and a single bad review online can cost a law firm a lot of business.

The solution for dealing with negativity bias is getting a professional to manage your online reputation. Oamii, the digital marketing agency of South Florida, provides reputation management services specifically for law firms.

Oamii’s Reputation Management Solutions Will Benefit You

Oamii, with a laser-like focus on helping a law firm’s digital reputation, has a number of reputation management techniques available to help you keep and maintain a solid, positive reputation for your firm online.

Oamii’s process includes first meeting with you to get a handle on your firm’s specialization, your firm’s style, and your firm’s goals. The reputation management team at Oamii then analyzes your online presence to understand the firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

With a better picture of the firm’s online stature, we will then develop a customized approach to emphasize your firm’s strengths and identify ways to eliminate or mitigate the negative comments about your firm.

The types of negative information against a law firm typically arises in one of two ways:

1. Negative Articles and Reviews. As noted above, negative reviews by former clients will likely dissuade potential clients from choosing your firm, and may even steer potential lawyers from seeking employment at your firm. That negative online information needs to be managed appropriately. Oamii has the tools to efficiently manage the negative articles and reviews.

2. Libel and Slander. Being online gives users a sense of anonymity. That feeling of being anonymous brings out harsher, more negative comments. Such comments can sometimes spill over into being untruths, thereby unfairly defaming your organization. We know that clients, who are paying high legal bills, often have unrealistic expectations, which could lead to even more unfair or untrue comments. Oamii has several ways to deal with such issues quickly.

Remember, Google is not the only place where negative reviews can crop up. Other online sources that may have an impact on your firm’s digital reputation include peer-reviews; legal profile sites such as, and Yelp, Manta, and Yahoo. Oamii has a way to tackle all of the potential areas where your firm may be cast in a less-than-flattering light.

Of course, what is equally important to handle negative information online is to manage the positive information as well. Oamii looks at ways in which to enhance the positive associations with your firm.

Information about your accolades, successful cases and awards go a long way to swinging the reputation pendulum in a positive direction – hopefully leading to more clients.


If you believe your firm may be financially impacted by a negative review, then now is the time to marshal your resources to hire Oamii as your digital reputation manager. We are the pros at making sure that your online presence pulls more clients to your firm, rather than push them away. Our team of specialists devotes all of its time to digital marketing techniques, so let Oamii be your online reputation management solution. We can be reached online or at 561-228-4111. Call us today and learn how we can be a game-changer for the success of your law firm.