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Local SEO Strategies That Can Benefit Your HVAC Company

An HVAC company needs to ensure that you’re not only getting good organic traffic to the website but that you’re also receiving relevant local traffic. Because most potential customers live within the company’s service areas, it’s essential to ensure that the traffic You’re receiving is relevant to the locations your HVAC company serves.

Below is the list of local SEO strategies that can tremendously benefit your HVAC company.

1. Utilize Google My Business(GMB)

To create a stable foundation for your local search campaign, you’ll need a complete GMB listing of your HVAC business. Google My Business information will appear in Google local search results and maps. Below are the steps to complete your GMB listing:

1. Create or claim your business on GMB.
2. Verify the listing.
3. Optimize the listing.

Ensure that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correct. Also include other information payments, hours of operation, and contact forms to make it easy for potential clients to reach out to your HVAC company.

You must select a primary business category and add up to 5 secondary business categories. Ensure that your most relevant category is the primary one. For HVAC companies, you must choose ‘HVAC Contractor’ as your primary category. Secondary categories should also be relevant to your business. 

Write a well-optimized business description and regularly log into your GMB dashboard because people can suggest edits that may be accepted by Google, although incorrect.

Consistently receiving reviews for your local listing is a massive advantage for your HVAC marketing and visibility. Encourage satisfied and happy customers to write them about your company. These reviews are a prominent local SEO ranking factor and make your listing stand out from your competitors.

Don’t buy fake reviews or ask anyone else to do so. Create a strategy about how you’ll respond to negative reviews and positive ones. This strategy will help you maintain your online reputation. Get in touch with an HVAC marketing company like Oamii to handle your online reputation.

2. Online Directory Citations

Getting listed in online directories helps people who check online directories to find the right company for their HVAC needs. Having quality citations will also help boost local SEO rankings and overall online visibility.

Search on Google to find out which directories currently contain your company’s listing. Then, make sure they are accurate, especially regarding NAP consistency.

If you find any mistakes, contact those directories and ask to fix the listings. It is crucial because Google cross-references NAP information and compares it to your GMB listing from an SEO perspective. Also, use appropriate schema on your website whenever you list your NAP information.

3. Keyword Research

Always review your keywords and refresh them as it is a prominent part of your online marketing strategy. Your review timeline will depend on how good the keywords are for your HVAC business and how much they evolve as your industry does.

Use professional tools to effectively research relevant keywords. Some offer free trials so you can choose the right one before purchasing. Options include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and KWFinder.

Outsource your keyword research activities to a professional HVAC marketing company as it plays a huge factor in the success of your campaign.

4. On-Page Optimization

You’ll want to use keywords strategically to write content and the accompanying backend tags. Places where they should include:

1. Title and Meta description: Include keywords on title and meta-descriptions. It is a crucial ranking factor. Compelling content in these areas will make it more likely that prospective clients will click on your business listing.

2. Headings: Include keywords in blog post headings and sub-headings. The same applies to individual pages. 

3. URLs: Use keywords in page URLs as well. If you want to use keywords in existing URLs, we recommend contacting a qualified internet marketing company if you do not have resources at your end.

5. Building Backlinks

When your site has a good link profile, Google recognizes you as worthy of trust, making it more likely to get organic traffic. A good profile consists of quality links from diverse yet relevant sources, and the more these kinds of backlinks point to your site, the better it is for your rankings. 

One of the best ways to get inbound links is to create high-quality, relevant long-form content for your site. You can also write guest posts on websites that are relevant to your HVAC business and allow you to link back to your website. 

Monitor reporter requests at popular sites such as HelpAReporter.com (or HARO) and  ProfNet to find more opportunities.

6. Create Content for Service Areas

Service area pages are great ways to increase local traffic. It would be best to create separate service area pages for each location you serve. Doing so will increase your ability to rank for your services in each of the locations that you serve.

For example, your customers are likely doing searches like “HVAC services in Florida.” To capture clicks and traffic in Florida, you must build out service area pages for the Florida location. Repeat this step for all other locations. Also, ensure to create pages for each HVAC service your company offers.

Contact Oamii for a Local SEO Strategy For Your HVAC Business

Contact Oamii if you need help creating and implementing local SEO strategies that will help your HVAC company drive more local traffic and leads. Our digital marketing professionals have established knowledge and experience in providing local SEO for companies just like yours.