Lawyer Lead Generation Strategies For 2019

Lead generation has been a crucial area of concern for all businesses. In today’s time and era, even the people involved in the legal profession cannot claim that they do not care about it. If you do not pay attention to lead generation, your legal practice will not survive the tough competition. So, if you are having trouble acquiring new clients for your legal firm, it’s time to look into lawyer lead generation strategies for 2019.

The Key To Lawyer Lead Generation

Lawyer lead generation comprises of a balanced and strategic attack of digital marketing best practices. You have to attract the customer, educate them, and help them make a connection with your legal practice. The true test of mettle lies in your skill to win over prospects through efficient content marketing via the top search engines. You can only achieve this if you are able to accurately identify the pain points of the clients where you can deliver exceptional service through useful information.

Do Laweys Actually Need Lead Generation?

Absolutely YES! The legal business is like any other commercial business. Lawyers need clients so that they can earn a living and succeed in life. Be it sole practitioners or attorneys affiliated to legal firms; everyone wants to expand their client base. The bottom line is that even if you are a lawyer, you can only grow your business if you have an increasing number of clients. Today, the age-old methods of gaining clients through word of mouth and newspaper & TV advertising do not serve the purpose.

Lawyer Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

It’s the digital age, so the weapons of choice are also digital. To win the war of lead generation here are a few strategies that lawyers and legal firms will find useful –

1. Build A Professional Website – Your website is going to be the hub of all activity. Here is where the leads will convert to clients by making a note of their contact information. Essentially, what you need is a professional-looking website with well-developed website optimization techniques. Your website is the most crucial part of your marketing strategy. All prospects will visit your website, but if it is incomplete or lacking necessary information, they will leave without converting. Invest time and money in a website that is attractive, gives full disclosure of relevant information, and is easy to navigate.  

2. SEO Rules – You have laid a solid foundation with a thoroughly professional website,  now its time to lay the framework. You now need to concentrate your efforts on optimizing your website in such a manner that it drives qualified traffic. Invite the prospects to fill a form with information that will help you filter them according to their needs. An efficient lead generation website will bring numerous inbound contacts each day which you can prioritize according to your preferences. 

3. Pay Per Click Ads – If you want sustainable growth in leads, you need to invest in PPC advertising. This type of advertising is the sure-shot way to guarantee that you attract only those leads which meet your customer personas. Using a strategic mix of long-tail keywords and negative keywords along with geotargeting, you will be able to attract desired traffic to your website. Today, all popular social media platforms and search engines have their own PPC marketing modules. All you need to do is select the one that suits your needs and budget.

4. Content Marketing – Blogs, guest posts, newsletters, videos, and commenting on topics in your niche are some popular ways to market your content. The key is to remember that the quality of the content should be high, and it should add value. Content which is not properly researched and leaves the reader confused will severely impact your lead generation strategies. Remember that what you write and publish on the internet should not only be easy to assimilate but also appeal to the masses. 

5. Invite Reviews – Ask your clients to post reviews about your service or legal firm on either social media or on your own website. You can also be proactive and approach them for feedback. People interested in hiring you will not do so blindly. They will always look you up over the internet to see what others have to say about you. In these cases, its all about the reviews so gather as many as possible.

6. Remarketing – If a person visited your website but did not convert does not mean that lead is useless. It simply means that at that particular instance of time, either the client’s need was not pressing or you were unable to satisfy it. However, with the passage of time, their need might become pressing, and you too would have gained more experience to address their issues. Therefore, invest in an efficient and effective remarketing or retargeting strategy. 

7. Analytics – Finally, its all about analyzing your results so that you can adjust your lead generation strategies accordingly. Analytics will tell you what part of your strategy is working and where you need to tweak it to get better results. If you fail to measure, lead generation will become a hit and trial technique rather than a definitive way to success. Google Analytics is the most popular online tool for measuring results. It helps you make smarter choices based on actual data. With analytics, you don’t have to work on assumptions anymore. 

Closing Thoughts

You may not have thought of your legal firm as a business until now. Nonetheless, it is one and needs to be treated as such. Nobody will think any less of you as a lawyer or a law firm just because you resorted to digital lead generation tactics. In fact, you will be considered smart, efficient, and more in sync with the changing times. The success of every business depends on sustained lead generation with high conversion rates. Achieving this critical aim will help you become a contender for the top spot. If you wish to take on your competitors, its time to get serious and judiciously invest in lawyer lead generation strategies.