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Intelligent Law Firm Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

“Recommendations for You,” “Customers also bought,” “Top Picks for You.”  Have you encountered any of those phrases online recently?  Sure you have.  If you purchased anything on Amazon, if you watched your favorite episode of Friends on Netflix, if you listened to your favorite 80s song on Spotify, or if you watched a cuddly cat video on YouTube, then you have seen those ubiquitous phrases yourself.

So, what is the significance of those phrases?  Isn’t it just interesting that your computer seems to know you and want to give you more of what you like?  Well, it is actually a real-world example of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is not just an old, hard-to-understand Steven Spielberg movie.  It is not just a cool concept you heard decades ago when the ambitions of the budding computer age far outpaced the reality of the computer age.

Rather, artificial intelligence is something that is finally getting practical use today in the real world.  It took some time, but the promises made decades ago about computers that can simulate the process of reasoning are starting to come to fruition.

What does that mean for your law firm?  Well, artificial intelligence is a tool that has myriad practical uses.  You may have heard of law firms using artificial intelligence (AI) programs to assist with document review, document management, e-discovery, and legal research.  AI can also be an integral part of marketing as well, and that is the focus of this article.

At Oamii, South Florida’s top digital marketing agency for law firms, we understand lawyers and the pressures on their time.  We have worked with so many law firms that we are happy to take the laboring oar when it comes to seeking out new clients to add to your book of business.  So, let Oamii help you and your firm leverage your data with creative marketing uses of AI.  This article provides only a brief overview.  For more detailed information related to your specific practice, call us today at 561-228-4111. Talk to our legal marketing experts to learn how we can help your firm grow.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Although the term has been around for years, it is not always clear what the phrase “artificial intelligence,” or AI, covers.  AI is not just robotics or computers doing repetitive tasks.  Rather, AI is defined as computer systems or other types of machines that simulate human intelligence, or human brain processes.  In other words, a computer that can actually think and reason.

Three primary functions distinguish AI from regular computing.  First, AI systems are able to gain experience – take in new information and find patterns with other information.  Second, AI systems can reason – use the rules and information given to reach conclusions.  Third, AI systems can learn – analyze outcomes with information to self-correct with its increasing database of experience.  Thus, rather than running through orders as directed by a computer program, an AI system can actually make decisions independently based on the information it has learned over time.

How Do You Know if a System Uses AI?

The best example of AI in our everyday lives is the “Recommended for you” types of programs discussed earlier.  If you see a program engaging with you in that type of manner, you are likely working with an AI system.  Those AI systems look at your purchases or online behavior and make conclusions based on that information.  Then, it reaches out to provide additional information that may be of interest to you.

That type of AI program, by the way, is called “Suggestion Marketing.”  In essence, the program takes advantage of that part of human nature that wants to delve deeper into a subject once we have begun learning about it.  Once we make a purchase, that is proof that we are invested such that suggestions for similar items will be well received.

In fact, in the legal world, Westlaw does that same type of suggestion “marketing,” for lack of a better word.  If you notice, as you are researching on Westlaw, the program begins to suggest other cases or sites that might be relevant based on how you are going about your legal research.  That’s AI.

How to Use AI for Legal Marketing?

At this point, it is likely that you have a great deal of informative content on your firm’s website.  (If that is not the case, then you should definitely consult with an Oamii expert to learn how a site with high-quality content is vital to successful legal marketing).  The question becomes how can you make that content even more available to your prospective clients?  AI, of course.

While you have marvelous, highly-specialized information on your site, a prospective client may not get to it. Accordingly, AI will help process what your prospective client’s journey on your site is, and then use that information to guide the prospective client to other blogs, articles, or information that might solidify him or her as a person who will call your firm for an appointment.  Just like the “Recommended for you” program, using AI to have your firm’s website content be that much more helpful will draw a person closer to being your client.

On top of that type of prospective client interaction, AI also can work mightily behind the scenes to build your book of business.  AI programs can take your database of possible clients and segment it to a level no human marketer would be capable of doing.  Thus, tailoring information specifically to particular prospects.  AI can also do predictive analytics, which can give you insight into what marketing approaches would be the most cost-effective.  Finally, AI can engage in “deep learning,” which can quickly analyze trends and customer expectations when given an enormous amount of customer data (which your firm already has in its system).  Deep learning, too, can help efficiently guide your marketing strategies moving forward.


All of this AI/marketing jargon might become a little daunting for you.  Have no fear.  We at Oamii understand that you went to school for law, not marketing – or computer AI systems, for that matter.  So, call us today to find out how we can take the marketing burden off of your shoulders.  Indeed, we can leverage the power of AI for you.  Contact us at 561-228-4111.