how to get new clients for your law firm

How to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm?

As lawyers, we live in a world of billable hours.  We all know it is tedious and less-than-fun living our working lives in six-minute intervals.  But what is even worse than keeping track of your hours .1 at a time is trying to find time to market your legal practice.  Yet, you need to know how to get new clients for your law firm.

Most likely, you are so busy handling the cases that are already on your plate, that you barely have time to even think about engaging in some effective marketing to bring in more clients.  But, we all know that marketing is part of the lifeblood of any legal practice, large, medium, or small.

Oamii, Florida’s premier digital marketing agency for law firms, is here to help show you how to get new clients for your law firm.  We take the burden off of you so you can focus on the most important thing – quality representation. All the while, the professionals at Oamii will plan and execute a digital marketing plan that is carefully tailored to your firm, your brand, and your area of specialty.

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In this blog, we will discuss how to get new clients for your law firm.  While keeping existing clients happy is a major priority, do not forget to keep an eye out for new clients.

1. Finding Your Target Audiences, Plural

To start, you need to be certain that your marketing strategy is focused so it can be most effective.  The best way to focus your marketing strategy – both online and in the real world – is to know the potential clients you are trying to attract.  Call it “branding” or “knowing your target audience,” what you need to do is know the people who are most likely in the market for the kind of law you practice.

Note that the title of this section is known as your “target audiences, plural.”  You most likely practice in more than one area of the law, so keep in mind those from each specialty.  Some of the things you will want to consider when determining your target audience include:

1. What is your potential client’s objective?
2. What is the way they will most likely find your services?
3. How old are your potential clients?
4. Are they male or female generally, or both?
5. Are they more or less educated, on average?
6. Are they searching for information first, or are they ready to decide on an attorney?

Though not exhaustive by any means, the list above should get you thinking about how you will identify the individuals who will most likely need your services.  Then, armed with that potential client profile, you will understand how to engage with prospects online or at networking events.

2. Keywords to Optimize Your Website

On your website, it is ideal if each page targets one to three keywords.  So, you need to know what keywords will lead to higher search engine rankings and, therefore, visitors.  There are various online tools you can employ to determine the local volume, competitiveness, and relevance of keywords and phrases.

With your keywords chosen, now you need to optimize your website.  There are a number of things to optimize your site including:

1. Have a landing page for each area of practice, and have subordinate pages under the landing page for various sub-categories in that area of practice.
2. Include an internal linking structure so that various sub-category pages link to each other.
3. Have landing pages for each office location you have so that your firm can be seen as “local” in more places.

3. Your Google My Business Listing

How many times have you looked up a restaurant or other shop on your smartphone’s maps app, and then scrolled down to see reviews and learn more about the location?  Most likely, your map app was tapping into Google’s My Business Listing.

What that means is you need to make sure that you have good, helpful, positive information in your Google My Business Listing.  Optimize it with as much contact information as possible, and add images to build credibility and trust.

4. Pumping Up Your Online Reviews

A year ago, focusing on your online reviews was one of the top marketing trends for law firms.  That trend has not changed. About 84 percent of people trust reviews posted online as much as they trust a personal recommendation. That tells you that online reviews are beyond important.

Also, that means that you need to make an effort to manage the online reviews posted about your firm.  That really is a two-step process.

First, you need to see if you can minimize any negative reviews, or mitigate their effect by responding to them in the same public forum in which the review appeared.  Then, work to generate good reviews by making it easy for your clients to leave a review about you and your firm after you completed representation in their case.

5. Converting Website Visitors into Clients

Having a person visit your website is the initial victory.  The next task is to convert that visitor into a potential client, or a paying client.  Some ways to help that conversion along are:

1. Provide information about your successes – reviews and awards.
2. Describe some successful cases.
3. Include a bio of the attorneys in your firm.
4. Optimize your website for mobile devices – most people search for services on their smartphones, not their laptops or desktops.
5. Make sure your site loads in less than three seconds.  Visitors these days will not wait for a site to load, on average, for more than three seconds.

In that regard, let Oamii, Florida’s leading digital marketing agency – focused almost solely on law firm advertising – help you distinguish yourself in a highly competitive field.  We can show you how to get new clients for your law firm and help you in the process.

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