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How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

Oamii is South Florida’s top digital marketing agency and, as such, we get a lot of requests for our expertise.  Of all the inquiries we get, the most common question we hear all the time is “how do I get more Google reviews?”

It is such a constant question that we thought it was finally time to devote a full blog to the subject.  In fact, it is one of the most important subjects we could cover because Google reviews are one of the most important factors in the success of your business.

Just How Important Are Google Reviews?

Let’s say you’re on Amazon, and you find the most perfect jacket.  You’ve always wanted a jacket like that.  You have to have it.  What do you do first?  Well, it’s Amazon.  You can’t try it on.  So, you check out the number of stars the product has gotten, right?  You also look at the customer reviews.  You read a few and get a feel for what people are saying about the product.

Don’t we all do that to some degree?  Most likely.  Now, if all the reviews are moderate to good, the odds are that you will put that perfect jacket in your shopping cart.  But, if you see a pattern of bad reviews or a low star rating, you might just think twice, or not buy the jacket at all.

Google reviews work the same way.  If you are searching for a sandwich shop nearby and you do a quick search on Google Maps, a few shops will likely pop up near to where you are.  You are new to the town so you don’t know how to choose.

What do you do?  Look at the Google reviews and see what people are saying.  Most likely you will choose the shop that has more stars and/or better reviews than the shop that gets 1-2 stars, or very few reviews.

It is interesting that we often spend so much time on things people do not notice, yet spend so little on those things that get the most attention.

Many businesses expend far more energy and resources on a logo and photos of the business than on making sure the business receives lots of reviews.  That can be a problem because the thing people look at the most is the kind of reviews the business gets.

So, suffice it to say, Google reviews are not just important but vital to a business’s reputation.  The next step for your business, then, is to get the Google reviews working for you.

The Three Things You Need to Do to Get Google Reviews

As with most things in life, people will not know you want something unless you ask.  That is the long and the short of the trick to getting more Google reviews – simply ask for them.

In fact, there is really a three-step process to keep in mind that will maximize the number of reviews you get.

1. Ask for a review.
2. Show reviewers how to do it, and then
3. Ask again.

Pretty simple, right?  It actually is, provided you devote a little time to the process.

1.  Asking for a Review

With regard to the first step of asking for a review, you will quickly find that simply asking will result in many more reviews for your profile.  While it depends somewhat on your business, there are a number of opportunities in which to ask, the following are just a few:

1. At the end of a job.  A good time to ask for a review is right after you complete a job for your client or customer. The job is fresh, as is their feeling about the product or service you provided.  So, just remember to ask for a little feedback.
2. Email blast.  If you have a solid email list, then use it to try to capture some Google reviews from your customers.
3. Along with an invoice.  While you may think that billing a client has a negative connotation, it is an important contact that provides an opportunity for feedback.
4. Following a phone conversation.  As with invoices, once you are already in contact with a client, it is always worthwhile to find out whether they would be willing to review your business as well.

In sum, you should try your best to use every opportunity to ask a customer to review you.  Be sure to avoid pressure or repeated requests, but do not forget to ask.

2.  Showing How to Leave a Review

Having a customer willing to give a review is great.  But if the customer does not know how to leave a Google review then you have a problem.  That is why showing your customer the way to leave a Google review is an important part of the process.

Essentially, a reviewer must first sign in to Google, typically with a Gmail account.  Then they must search for your business on Google.  Once they find your business, they should click on the profile to leave a review.  Finally, the customers can give a star rating, write a narrative review, and submit it.

A multi-step process can be confusing for some customers, and may even be a prohibitive problem for a few.  Demonstrating how easy it is can be very helpful in making sure a customer gets through the process.  In fact, you can make it that much easier for your customers by providing a web link to the review section of your business’ Google profile.

3.  Asking Again

There is a subtle art to giving a little reminder to customers to ensure that they leave a Google review.  About two weeks after you make the initial ask, be sure to ask again.  We all get busy.  So, it would not be an annoyance to gently remind a customer that you are eager to hear their feedback.

While some customers may never leave a review, others will leave one right away.  For that group that wants to write one but has put it off, a reminder could do the trick.

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