How to Get Immigration Clients to Your Law Firm

Virtually every day there is news related to immigration issues in the United States.  Indeed, there are many people in this country who are not citizens and who may or may not have status in the country.  They are all individuals who need legal assistance from experienced professionals.  

If you are an attorney who wants to know how to get immigration clients, then you need to do what is necessary to attract those clients to your firm.  So, the obvious next question is: What is necessary?  

The answer to the question “how to get immigration clients” is a healthy investment in marketing.  And that does not mean haphazard advertising, but rather a marketing strategy that gets the ‘biggest bang’ for your marketing buck.  

In this article, we will discuss a sure-fire way to add more immigration clients to your book of business.  Of course, before going into the weeds on a healthy, effective, cost-efficient marketing approach, you should first consider outsourcing the marketing work (and headaches) to a professional, experienced digital marketing agency.

That is where Oamii comes in.  Oamii is a specialized digital marketing agency that focuses on helping law firms market their operations.  So, if you need to know how to get immigration clients, you should strongly consider Oamii as your digital marketing partner because we have helped a number of law firms advertising in Florida and throughout the country reach out and attract more people to their respective immigration practices.

For more information, please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.  After speaking with an Oamii professional, you will know the best options for marketing your firm, and you will be better able to know how to get immigration clients.

Marketing as Mindset

Before going through our “how to get immigration clients” tips, it is worth the time to briefly get you in a marketing mindset.  

As lawyers, you know that revenue is generated through your legal work, i.e., through billing hours.  It is not uncommon for lawyers to view marketing as a drain on resources, as a downward pull on revenue.  Not so!

Marketing, whether it is digital or through meeting someone at a party, is what comes before clients come in the door.  We know it is true, but sometimes we forget that marketing is not a cost but an investment.

Ideally, you would want your $1 of marketing money to generate $2, $4, or $40 in business.  So, when thinking about marketing, and whether to hire a digital marketing agency like Oamii, remember to get in a marketing mindset, and know that it is a necessary part of the business cycle.  

Now, let us move on to how to get immigration clients through effective marketing.  There is really a three-step process to follow:

Step 1 – Be Where Your Competition Is Advertising – Google Ads

As a premier digital marketing agency, we at Oamii can confidently tell you that your immigration law competition is (where else?) on Google.

When you think about it, that makes perfect sense.  Picture someone who has an immigration issue. Where does he or she go first?  A Google search, of course. So, that is where you want to be.

If you do not already have a Google Ad, then that is the first step you need to take, and go through the steps to make sure that you have a Google Ad.

Step 2 – Make Sure Your Google Ad is Client/Problem Focused

Once you have gotten into the Google Ad game, the next thing you have to worry about is the terms you use in the ad.  There are many advertisements out there that are not worded in a way that will attract potential immigration clients.  

What type of wording works to generate business from an ad?  The short answer is words that focus on the potential client’s problem, not your experience.

All too often, Google Ads for law firms say “over 20 years experience,” or “decades of successful results.”  That is all well and good, but a potential client is less interested in your successes and is more interested in solving their own legal immigration problem.  So, an ad that says “We fight for you,” while somewhat cheesy, is an ad that is focused on the client’s problems, rather than your experience.

Now, you are not crazy for thinking that number of years of practice or experience is important.  It is. But there are not a lot of ads out there that say “Smith & Smith – Just Got Out of Law School!”  What we are saying is that potential clients looking for a lawyer expect a level of experience with any attorney they contact.  That is why your ad has to grab their attention with an “I’ll solve your problem” message up front.

Step 3 – A Landing Page to Land More Clients

A website that emphasizes that your firm can solve a person’s immigration woes is a site that will convert potential clients into paying clients.  By contrast, a site that emphasizes the lawyers and their experience will not win the competition for more clients. 

As with your Google Ad, your website landing page should begin with a problem-focused headline, and then immediately follow with how the problem can be solved – which, of course, should have some call to action involving contacting your firm.  

Remember, this pitch can be as direct or as classy as you wish, depending on the tone of your firm, but the fundamentals do not change.  A problem/client-focused site will be more attractive to potential clients, then a lawyer-focused site.

Do It Yourself or Let a Pro Help You

You have a choice with your marketing dollars and resources.  If you want to increase your marketing reach with the help of an experienced, professional, digital marketing agency, look no farther than Oamii to crack the code on how to get immigration clients.  We welcome you to contact us at Oamii to help you market your law firm and build your book of business. Please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.