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How To Get Creative With Law Firm Client Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are an essential part of growing your company’s presence. They can improve the conversion rate of visitors to clients on your company’s website. 

Testimonials add relevancy and trustworthiness to your company. It makes people more interested in your service. 

One should always ask clients for testimonials by approaching them. You will be surprised to find that they will also be eager to do so. The stories they share will bring life and lend credibility to your business. It will help potential customers to make the right decision. 

The best way to approach a client for a testimonial is to schedule a call with your client to communicate their thoughts and feedback on the case once it is closed successfully. Testimonials can be long or brief, depending on the context of the case.

Here are a few innovative moves to get creative and make the most of your client testimonials.

1. Feature Clients On Your Law Firm Website

A testimonial is a third-party comment that describes their experiences with your brand. It will help in convincing interested users. You can gain their trust by strategically placing your client testimonials on your homepage or any other service page.

The majority of customers begin their purchasing process by researching about the business or product on the internet. It is accurate for e-commerce as well as service providers like law firms. 

When it comes to hiring an attorney, interested clients want to make a trusted decision. Your law firm website will be one of the first places they look to see if you’re the right fit. Therefore, it is essential to have client testimonials somewhere on the home page.

2. Quote Testimonials On Social Media 

Use testimonials as social media posts to promote your law firm. After getting details about your firm through the website, most prospects will visit your social media accounts. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., come in handy.

Platforms such as Instagram may not allow you to generate testimonials as naturally. But, there are ways to get customer feedback on the platform. And later convert them. Use this feedback in your content strategy in the form of a graphic image. 

Establish a conversation about their experience with your company. Inquire if you can record the call so you can later retrieve bits and pieces to use in online posts. Of course, you should always ask the client if they are comfortable being featured on your page or accounts.  

Another best way is to request your clients to post about their experiences on their social media accounts. It will garner more reach outside of your social media followers.

The most important part is to get creative with your testimonials. Quote testimonials suit best on social media platforms.

Quotes can be ads or graphics that feature the thoughts of the client about your law firm. To make the testimonial more relatable, add the photograph of the person that is being quoted. Through Quote testimonials, clients who have worked with you show support for you. 

Most people believe in peers rather than paid professionals. It is far more efficient than traditional media advertising. You can establish trust among prospects by using the identity of your existing user. These testimonials will encourage people on your behalf.

3. Video Testimonials

It’s no surprise that video is becoming one of the most widely known ways to consume content. In a world where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, video content has become an effective way of advertising your firm. A video testimonial increases the relevancy of your firm in the eyes of your customer.

4. Case Study

A case study is in-depth details of a specific customer’s case with your company. These pieces typically take a more systematic approach to prove how your company contributed to the client’s success. Case studies frequently use facts and observations to show how your firm’s services benefited that particular client.

One of the most valuable advantages of case study testimonials is that they provide a complete customer narrative. Leads read the case study and check it to their scenario to determine whether your company will meet their needs.

5. Create A Testimonial Playlist On Youtube

YouTube is the world’s second-largest browser after Google. The advantage of displaying video testimonials on your law firm’s YouTube channel is a no-brainer. People nowadays are far more inclined towards watching a video to educate themselves rather than merely reading some text.

Typically, testimonial videos will be focusing on a particular client or organization per piece and showcase their journey from beginning to end. And, as we’ve seen, it worked.

But, during the recent trend, this format has fizzled out a little. Rather than focusing on one particular customer, some testimonial ads create a collage of different clients narrating their stories. With Youtube, you can get really creative. You can make a documentary or interview your client. You can even create a playlist on youtube which includes all your firm’s video testimonials.

6. Peer Evaluation

Peer review testimonials use customer feedback left on review sites such as Yelp and foursquare. These reviews have a significant impact on clients because many people read these review sites before deciding.

Peer reviews are beneficial for customers who are interacting with your company for the first time. According to studies, 52 percent of consumers will only buy from a company with four or more stars on a review site. It is because people believe the feedback left on these sites is honest opinions.

Well, my final thoughts are that if you want to increase your firm’s trustworthiness, you should create a solid testimonial page. Testimonials act as ads that boost sales and conversions.

Selecting existing reviews from all over the web and compiling them onto the testimonial page of your site is the more innovative and more straightforward way to do this.

It would be best if you also looked into social networks and specific sites such as google my business, search directories, and niche review sites. And make it your habit always to ask clients to leave customer testimonials for your company. Always try to build a relationship with your customer and not just a partnership.