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How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Work?

Advertisements are the best way to attract people to your brand, product, and service. Since the majority of the people are online, it makes sense to have a strong online ad presence. For this reason, all brands, small, medium, corporate giants and startups resort to PPC advertising. Nevertheless, if you were hoping for instant gratification, now would be a suitable time to revisit your expectations. Even Google Ads will not deliver instantly. Therefore, it is essential to make your PPC marketing strategy more realistic.

Timelines For A Succesful Google Ad Campaign

1. The Google Ad Campaign, or for that matter, any PPC marketing campaign, takes close to a quarter (three months) to mature.
2. After this, it may take another 4 to 12 months for your PPC marketing campaign to become a robust one.

Why The Long Wait?

Once your ad campaign is approved and is up and running, the main work starts for Google. They need time to process a considerable amount of data so that your ads are served to the right audience. Showing it to those who are not interested in a wastage of your resources and that of Google as well. 

Your ads have no history, so the wait is long. The day they go live, the data starts generating, and performance evaluation becomes possible. A day or two’s data is not enough to gauge everything. If your audience is small, the data collection may take even longer.

First Week Of Running Google Ads – What Happens?

You begin by creating your Google Ads account. Once you submit it for approval, Google will take a day or two to review and approve your application. Once the approval comes through, Google will spend the next seven days:

1. Collecting all relevant and crucial information about your company.
2. Learning about your choice of product or service.
3. Examining who constitutes your target audience.

If your business is big and the audience complex, this process may take more time.

In The Beginning How Many Clicks Make A Successful Ad Campaign?

Google is not going to spend your entire daily budget right from day 1 of your ad campaign going live. So, you will see just a tiny fraction of what you were hoping to achieve. Know that you’re on the right path if you get at least 15 clicks a day for the ad group and approximately anywhere between 200 – 300 clicks for the keyword each month.

As Google gathers more data, the ads will pick up It will take between 2 – 4 weeks for you to notice the rise. Even after, it will be a gradual process. The ad campaign will not reach its peak within a day.

Second To Fourth Week Of Ad Campaign

Once your ad has been running for almost a month, the data starts building.

1. There will be enough historical data for you to start making a few critical changes to your ad account. But, do keep in mind the changes should be minimal so that Google does not have to restart the data accumulation process from scratch.
2. At this time, it is imperative to ensure that your CTR or Click Through Rate is not being Ranked. It will prevent unnecessary competition with those ads that have high-quality scores.
3. Once you have analyzed the data on hand, you can tweak the ads to improve their CTR. It will increase the conversion rate and also improve the quality score of your ad.

Google Ads Learning Period

Your Google Ad account will show “learning” status:

1. When you begin a new ad campaign.
2. Make substantive changes to the ongoing one.
3. Make changes in your bid strategy settings.
4. Change the conversion actions.
5. Adopt a smart bidding strategy.
6. When you make significant changes in the bid or budget (<20%).
7. Pause or enable the ad groups.

The key aspect of the learning period is that it is associated with low delivery and low efficiency. On the bright side, CPCs will be higher, even the cost per acquisition will increase. The downside is that the conversion rates will fall. But you have nothing to worry about as this is all a part of the learning curve.

As your account manager makes the changes and starts following the best practices of PPC marketing, all your metrics will start showing positive results.

Google Ads Eligible Period

Once Google has accumulated sufficient data, your ad account status will change to “Eligible.” You can now make the necessary changes to optimize the ads. This will include:

1. Refining the keywords.
2. Adding more negative keywords.
3. Using geo-targeting, etc.

These changes are necessary to ensure that your ads get only relevant clicks.

Optimization And Their Results

When optimization changes are made to the ads, you will again have to wait for some time before enough data is ready for analysis. The analysis will help determine how the said optimization impacts the ad campaign. Once again, it is critical to point out there’s no instant gratification. It will all take time, and you will have to be patient about it. Speaking of timelines, it can take a week or two for the results to start showing.

Closing Notes

It would be too ambitious to start thinking that you have designed a perfect ad campaign that will show positive results from day 1. It takes time to refine and perfect the PPC marketing strategy, be it yours or anybody else. Think of Google Ads as an investment, and like all other investments, it will take time and modifications to show you the desired results.

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