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HOT Tip: Be One of the First to Market Your Law Firm with Google Local Services Ads

This is big news! Google has just released its Local Services Ads to attorneys nationwide. It will never be easier than right now to get your law firm’s website to appear at the very top of a Google search results page.

This is a significant development for law firm marketing because it is a brand new service, and you should act quickly.

In this article, we will discuss what Google Local Services Ads are and what you need to do to have your law firm take advantage of the benefits of this service. If, after reading this article, you have more questions about digital marketing for your law firm, then we welcome you to reach out to Oamii.

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What Are Google Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads were previously known as “Home Services Ads.” They were focused on home improvement services, like house cleaners and plumbers. However, last year Google began trying these ads for immigration and estate planning attorneys in a few select markets. Apparently, the trials were a success because Google is now expanding Local Service Ads nationwide.

The Local Service Ads appear as a strip of ads – identified as “Google Screened,” which we discuss below – at the very top of a search results page. The strip of Local Service Ads even appears above the pay-per-click (PPC) ads. So, the real estate on a potential client’s computer screen is a prime location.

What is key about these Local Service Ads is that they are there to promote services that are local to the user, and they employ a pay-per-LEAD pricing model. That means you pay only when you receive a legitimate phone or text contact. Specifically, only calls that have a duration of over 30 seconds are charged to make sure that you only pay for quality leads and not spam.

Which Law Firms are Eligible?

Law firms in the following practice areas are eligible for the service:

1. Bankruptcy 2. Business Law 3. Contract Law 4. Criminal Law 5. Disability Law 6. DUI 7. Estate Planning 8. Family Law 9. Immigration Law 10. Intellectual Property 11. Labor Law 12. Litigation 13. Malpractice 14. Personal Injury 15. Real Estate 16. Tax Law and 17. Traffic Law

What is Google Screened?

To be included in a Local Service Ad, Google puts your firm through a screening process. The screening involves a background check of the owner of the firm, confirmation of law licenses, and proof of insurance.

The Local Service Ads are tied to a firm’s Google My Business addresses. That means that your firm can have multiple Local Service Ads, one for each business address. Note that you cannot have a Google My Business listing for an “appointment only” address. Each business location must be staffed.

Further, your ad will have a “Google Screened” badge next to it, that will add credibility to your listing.

What Does a Local Service Ad Profile Look Like?

Different from Google PPC ads, which connect the user directly to the firm’s website, Local Service Ads link the user to a detailed profile page on Google itself. The profile shares some information from the firm’s Google My Business listing and provides an efficient way to communicate directly with the attorney.

Why Should You Jump On this Opportunity?

In short, because it is new and just being rolled out. You will benefit from getting in early. Here are the three main benefits of the Local Service Ads:

1. Your firm earns a Google Screened badge, which earns you trust of potential clients who are searching for legal services; 2. You pay only for actual leads and opportunities – not for clicks (which are susceptible to unscrupulous competitors); and 3. You can utilize advanced settings so you can target a specific set of potential clients.

In sum, there are advantages to being an early adopter. You can quickly have your firm appear at the very top of a potential client’s search page on Google. Further, the potential client has a way to easily contact your firm to schedule a consultation.

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