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How Can Your Law Firm Get Those Great Google Rankings? Think About Being the Life of the Party

If you are a marketing specialist at a large law firm, a partner in a small law firm, or you are running your own shop, marketing is on your mind.  You want to grab those potential clients with a great website, have those potential clients read your expert-level content, and then get those potential clients to click on the “contact us” link.

That goal can be an elusive one because all law firms are all going after the same brass ring.  Trying to figure out how to get your firm noticed online can be frustrating, requires constant diligence, but will ultimately be rewarding.

The key to success, of course, is to have your firm pop up high on a Google search page – preferably on the first page of search results. Because Google is the primary way our society tries to find things online (there is a reason that “Google it” is a ubiquitous phrase), we will take some time in this article to discuss how you can improve your ranking in Google search results.

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Getting High Google Rankings is like Being the Hit of the Hottest Party in Town

Indulge us for a moment, but getting high ranks on Google searches is very much like being the “life of the party” at the hottest party in town.  That might sound strange at first, but picture if you will that you are at this exciting party. There’s music, there are lots of people, there are celebrations all around.

How can you stand out in that party crowd?  Well, we all know that there are a lot of factors that go into whether we will end up being the center of attention, or the not-so-interesting wallflower.  Those factors include:

  • How you are dressed – are you in the latest fashion, or did you wear the t-shirt that looked the cleanest in your pile of clothes?
  • Whether you came to the party with anyone – do you have a built-in crowd, or do you need to engage with new people?
  • Did you bring the latest in trendy refreshments – are you ready with the latest mixed-drink fad, or did you stick to the old six-pack of beer.
  • How you interact with others – do you tell captivating, funny stories, or do you avoid eye-contact?

Now, all of that may seem superficial, but the digital world in which we find ourselves – replete with the latest in social media apps – is not dissimilar from our own tried-and-true personal interactions.  Stated differently, getting to be the life of the party is a form of marketing.  We market ourselves constantly when we create digital profiles of ourselves on Facebook, and we, in a way, market ourselves when in a large social setting.

You may ask, how does any of that apply to law firm marketing?  Let me show you.

Law Firm Marketing with Google’s Ranking Factors in Mind

As you may know, any content that is online is ranked by Google (and other search engines) in some fashion.  Of course, such ranking is not done by a person but rather done by running your website’s content through a set of programs or algorithms.

Google has many different factors that it looks at to determine where your website will land after a particular Google search.  Focusing solely on page-level content, here are some of those factors:

  • Title Tag with the Relevant Keyword.  While not as important as it once was, having the title tag of your content contain the relevant search keyword is still an important factor.  Your content will be even ranked better if the title tag starts with the keyword.  There is also a correlation between having the keyword in your H1 (or secondary) title tags.
  • Content-Length.  Longer articles on your site, 1000 words or more, get more favorable treatment in the algorithm than shorter, more superficial articles.
  • In-Depth Topic Coverage.  There is a correlation between how in-depth an article covers a topic versus a page that only touches upon a subject partially.
  • Page Loading Speed.  Google uses the time it takes for your page to load as a factor in ranking your content in a Google search.  Of course, the faster your content loads the higher your rank.
  • Duplicate Content.  In contrast to the depth and length of an article, the fact that content on one page of your website is duplicated elsewhere will hurt your chances of being ranked high in a search.
  • Images and Video.  There is a definite connection between having images or video on a content page and having that content treated favorably in a Google search.  That is particularly true if you optimize the title of the image or video, meaning that the file name, title, description, and caption have information making the image or video more relevant to the page content – rather than a string of numbers with a .jpg at the end.

Putting It All Together

Now, to circle back to our party analogy.  You can see the content on your website as similar to those qualities that make you the life of the party.  If your content is new, has some depth, and is not superficial, then you are like the guy or gal at the party who is wearing the latest fashion, has the trendy new refreshments, and can charm the partygoers with interesting conversation.  If you repeat the same old stories, then you are like the low ranking page that has duplicate content.

If you are quick with a joke or a pithy response, then you are like the website that loads quickly.  If you have a flashy, fun, appearance that draws people to you, then that is the same as those websites with images, video, and other media that set you apart from the rest.

In sum, the way you gain popularity in life is the same way that you gain popularity with Google’s ranking algorithms.  Of course, we at Oamii already know the factors that go into Google rankings, and we would be happy to help you be the “life of the party” whenever someone runs a Google search.  Call us at 561-228-4111 today.