The Value of a Free Domain Audit Report for Law Firms

We all know that competition among law firms is stiff.  Anything that your firm can do to set itself apart from the competition is key to survival.  Over the last decade, it has become clear that an online presence has become as important, if not more important, than other forms of non-digital advertising.

In our blogs, we have discussed many types of marketing techniques for law firms.  The one we have yet to discuss is enhancing your own marketing by getting a better picture of what your competitors are doing.

In that regard, Oamii, South Florida’s top digital marketing agency for law firms, is here to help.  Oamii can provide your firm with a Domain Audit Report for free!  This free service packs in a great deal of value for you, because with the Domain Audit Report you can better (i) focus your digital presence, (ii) identify your relevant keywords, and (iii) prepare digital content that will grab the eyes of more potential clients seeking legal representation.

So, what is a Domain Audit Report?  Essentially, it is a report that helps you assess your domain’s health, and identifies opportunities to improve user engagement with your website.  This blog will give you a quick overview of the important data points that you will find in your Free Domain Audit Report.

To get the process started for your Report, contact us at Oamii today.  Feel free to fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111.  Our marketing professionals will be happy to generate your comprehensive Domain Audit Report that can jumpstart the next phase of your digital marketing strategy.

Here are the main data points that are covered in a customized Domain Audit Report, created just for your firm.

Organic Research

Whenever someone does a search on Google or Bing it is considered “organic research.”  Of course, you want to make sure that your firm’s website pops up high on the first page of search results when a user does organic research.  To achieve that goal, you need a solid, effective keyword strategy.

Oamii’s Domain Audit Report will give you information regarding organic research.  It will:

  • Show you your competitors’ best keywords. Learn from the keywords your competitors use.  See whether you can take advantage of the keywords that help your competitors rank higher on search results.
  • New organic competitors. The Audit Report will also identify any new competitors that you are competing against when it comes to the valuable real estate of the first page of search results.
  • Tracks any position changes. If a domain name changes its position in a list of search results from organic research, you would be able to find out the change in position and perhaps the reasons for the up or down change.

Advertising Research

This data point will give you a sense of how well your marketing dollars are working for you, particularly if you use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in your marketing strategy.  Specifically, the advertising research information in the Audit Report provides:

  • Competitors’ PPC marketing activities. Our Audit Report will provide you with data on your competitors’ PPC marketing activities, your competitors’ marketing budgets, and their most profitable advertising copy.
  • Rivals’ ad copy and keywords. The advertising research information we provide will give you the top performing keywords of your rivals in your legal specialization.  It will also let you know if a competitor has been running a particular ad for a longer period of time, which provides insight into what types of advertisements are more effective in your area of legal practice.
  • Finding new competitors. Our Report will give you a list of your domain’s competitors, and the keywords common to those competitors.  That way you can keep track of those domains that are vying for the same clients.
  • Localize your reach. This data point will give you information about the reach of your online advertisements, and will indicate whether people in the geographic region that you care about are indeed coming in contact with certain types of advertising.

Display Advertising

You may have taken advantage of Google’s Display Network, which is a way in which to get your firm’s ads on major websites.  This feature of our Domain Audit Report allows you to:

  • View top publishers and advertisers. Our Report will show you the text and media ads for the best performing advertisers and publishers, and will allow you to see the “calls to action” that energize users to click to their website.
  • Evaluate the display ads of competitors. With our Report you can analyze how competitors use ad headlines, sub-headlines, images, and other devices to engage users.
  • Identify new publishers. You will be able to figure out where your competitors are advertising, so you can do what it takes to reach your target audience.
  • View a display on different devices. The Report also gives you the opportunity to see how your ad is displayed across laptops, tables, and smartphones.


Backlinks – the websites that point to your site – are important to search engines in determining how important your site is.  The Domain Audit Report will tell you about all the links pointing to your domain.  It is a vital part of any domain audit.  Specifically, the backlink checker in the Report allows you to:

  • Review the types of sites pointing to yours. You will understand how authoritative the site referring to your site is, and may even help you spot new sources of referral traffic.
  • Figure out the types of backlinks referring to your site. With a breakdown of text links and image links, verus form and frame links, you can better identify relevant sources for your site.
  • Location of referring sites. With Oamii’s Domain Audit Report, you can also know how many backlinks exists in each part of the world.

In sum, these are just a few examples of the types of valuable information you will obtain by ordering a free Domain Audit Report for your law firm.  Do not wait to see if the timing is right.  The Report is free, so contact us at Oamii today.  You can either fill out our easy online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111.