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Four Reasons Why You Should Enhance Your Firm’s Website with Live Chat

Do I have the manpower to have someone available to chat online? Is the chatbox going to be too intrusive for website visitors? Will I get any real client leads from Live Chat on the firm’s site?  

Way More Pros than Cons with Live Chat

All of these questions above, and more, are most likely plaguing you when you think about adding Live Chat to your law firm website. Don’t worry, we all have the same doubts and questions.  

The funny thing is – Live Chat works!  There are way more pros than there are cons when it comes to Live Chat. 

That is why you should do your best to put your fears aside with regard to the possible hurdles related to Live Chat on your site.  How do we know it works? Well, those marketing companies that have watched Live Chat in action on law firm websites in the U.S. have concluded that a website with a Live Chat service, if operated by an experienced, reputable third-party company, is successful in capturing more of a law firm’s website visitors and turning them into clients.

In this article, we are going to talk about the main reasons why Live Chat works, and why you do not need to worry about the common concerns that attorneys typically have with regard to the potential downsides of Live Chat.  

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Four Reasons You Want Live Chat

1. Gets the Conversation Started

If a potential client is in the market for an attorney because he or she is faced with a legal issue, then that person will most likely want to get as much information right away as possible.  

Of course, over a Live Chat, the person chatting with the potential client will not give any legal advice. Yet, they can be a great sounding board. And potential clients with a challenging, and stressful, legal issue will most likely find some relief in discussing their issue even a little bit.  Already, Live Chat helps them get the conversation started.

2. Gets the Basics

When someone starts a Live Chat session, it gives the Live Chat operator a chance to get the basics of the legal problem.  That saves time if and when you actually have time to have a consultation with the potential client.  Also, it can capture some important contact information about the potential client.

Do you have to hire secretaries to be available 24/7?  Definitely not. Engaging with an outside vendor that provides Live Chat support is the best and most cost-effective way to have coverage of your Live Chat at all times.

3. Gets Good Leads

Experienced third-party Live Chat vendors typically will only charge when the law firm gets an actual lead – not just someone with a legal issue unrelated to your firm’s area of practice.  And, because the Live Chat provides a type of filtering system for all those who chat on the firm’s website, the Live Chat operator will be able to only forward you the best leads to fit your practice area.

4. Gets a Lead From Shopping Further

Another great aspect of Live Chat is that it gets a person with a legal issue to the next step.  If a person gets the immediate attention of a Live Chat, then he or she mentally shifts to the next step – scheduling a consultation – rather than staying at the initial step of shopping for the right law firm.  That means that you can capture good leads and keep them interested in your practice. 

In sum, Live Chat is a powerful way to get client conversions. While you may have some trepidations about it, once you try it, your firm will never look back.

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