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Email Marketing 101 – Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy

So, you were wondering how you could shake up your marketing approach and that led you to consider email marketing. Specifically, you ended up looking at some of the email marketing companies in Miami.

Nonetheless, you still might not be convinced that this is the right avenue for your business. After all, aren’t promotional emails a nuisance that everyone hates?

Let’s answer that quickly – email marketing works and is still the most foolproof way to re-engage your customers and generate repeat sales.

In this post, we dive deeper into why you should opt for this channel and why you should contact one of the best email marketing companies in Miami – Oamii.

Why email marketing works

Consider your customers’ thoughts: they’ve already given you their email addresses and they already know your brand. These are all indicators of trust, and chances are, they will have a positive reaction to seeing an email from your company. 

Why? Because you’re offering something more – extra value.

Email marketing is a perfect way to re-engage your customers by keeping them in the loop about the perks they can receive if they interact with your business again. For example, by reading your emails they’ll easily keep up-to-date on news, contests, and exciting stuff like exclusive discounts and promotions. 

However, it’s not only your customers who benefit from your email strategy. One of the major winners in this scenario is your business.

Tried and true benefits of email marketing

Before we get down to what you can receive from email marketing companies in Miami, let’s see why this form of digital marketing still reigns supreme as one of the most effective marketing channels:

  • It helps you interact with an already engaged audience. It’s the only marketing channel where customers ask to hear from you. In fact, it’s the most preferable method as 77% of customers favor receiving permission-based marketing materials via email.
  • It offers the best return on investment (ROI). According to current stats,  the ROI for email marketing is a whopping 4200%. This means that you’ll get about $42 for every dollar you spend.
  • The results of your campaign are easy to measure. In contrast to social media where there are a bunch of vanity metrics, email marketing provides you with access to measurable stats like conversion, clickthrough, and open rates. This means you’ll have an easier time adjusting your marketing strategy to yield the best results.
  • You can drive your revenue through the roof! If your business is offering a product, you should know that most people are prone to impulse buying. Email marketing lets you take full advantage of this fact with just a simple call to action and a link to checkout. Your customers love shopping so you’ll just be letting them do it easily. 
  • It’s not expensive. In fact, when you consider the benefits it offers it’s dirt cheap – especially when compared to traditional marketing channels. Who needs a TV ad when emails are enough to drive sales?

The two phases of email marketing

While you were browsing the internet to find some of the best email marketing companies in Miami, you might have run into a lot of convoluted terms. For example, what is even email list segmentation?

While you can expect to see a fair share of technical mambo jumbo, that’s only a part of a winning email marketing campaign. Our process is as much planning as its execution. 

We’ve broken it down into two parts (after all, we’re among the best email marketing companies in Miami): the strategy phase and the strategy execution phase. 

The strategy phase

An email marketing campaign is only as effective as the homework you do beforehand. As one of the top email marketing companies in Miami, we at Oamii have recognized the need to break down the process into several smaller parts:

  • Business analysis: the part where we analyze your business and your sales approach to determine a perfect marketing strategy.
  • Goal analysis: without clear objectives, a marketing campaign will fail. We can help you understand what are the reasonable goals for your email marketing strategy.
  • Competitive research: by looking at your competitors, we can find out what sticks in your industry. Additionally, we can also help you capitalize on opportunities that can make your business stand out.
  • List segmentation: by segmenting your email contact list into smaller groups depending on different characteristics, we can help you make your marketing efforts more personalized.
  • Delivery strategy: this is the part where we put all of the previous actions together into a strategy that can help you achieve your marketing goals. 
  • Template design: we’ll help you put together an eye-catching and engaging email template design that inspires action.

The strategy execution phase

We will also make sure that the implementation of your strategy is spotless. In this phase, we will do:

  • Monthly delivery: we’ll oversee the sending of every email.
  • A/B testing: we will periodically test different templates to see which one works the best.
  • Analytics tracking: we’ll collect all the data and demystify the results.
  • Monthly reporting: because we’re one of the only email marketing companies in Miami that want to have a hands-on approach, we’ll provide you with detailed reports every month. Thus, we’ll know exactly what needs fine-tuning and how we can produce even better results in the future.

Choosing the best email marketing company

While it’s true that you can learn how to do this yourself, it’s going to take a significant amount of effort and trial-and-error to do it effectively. 

By getting in touch with one of the best email marketing companies in Miami, you can see results faster. We have a team of specialized experts who care about your business’ performance and are ready to take over the reins and boost your business’ performance leaving you with more time for business-specific tasks.

As one of the top email marketing companies in Miami, we have valuable tools and resources, as well as a high level of expertise to help you get the best results and best ROI as soon as possible. 

In with one of the best email marketing companies in Miami

We consider ourselves just a piece of the puzzle in your marketing strategy. We’re here only to help your ideas take flight by giving you the know-how and modifying your message so it connects with a wider audience. 

What makes us soar high above many email marketing companies in Miami is our client-centric approach and our work philosophy. We want your business to thrive and we can facilitate that through a wide variety of business marketing solutions that will grow your business with efficiency. 

When talking about email marketing, we believe you should never contend with just a few sales. After all, your customers have already given you their trust – and it’s on you to capitalize on the opportunity to offer them more value while turning them into lifetime customers. 

We can help you fine-tune your message so that it resonates with your audience and helps drive sales and increase conversion rates. 

By going with one of the best email marketing companies in Miami, you can bet that we’ll help you’ll retain your customers for the long term. Why? Because we found a perfect way to leverage the industry-leading email platforms to their maximum potential – our secret sauce if you will.

It’s our job to help you experience just how robust and versatile email campaigns can be when you take a look at the results at the end of the first month. You’ll see just how much ROI and revenue you’re getting.

If you want to see results as quickly as possible, contact Oamii, one of the best email marketing companies in Miami. Feel free to fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today, and we’ll get to work crafting the perfect email strategy.