Dominate Your Local Law Firm Market Through Paid Search and SEO

Do you know the phrase “all politics is local?”  Well, that same phrase can be applied to marketing your law firm as well.  For today’s blog we will devote our discussion to the notion that “all legal marketing is local.”

You may be concerned every day that you and your small or mid-size law firm just cannot compete with the big boys in the legal marketplace, particularly with digital marketing.  Think again. You should be aware that proximity matters when potential clients run Google searches.  

In fact, when 92% of people tend to travel less than 20 minutes to seek out particular services, the idea of focusing on local markets in digital marketing becomes very important.  That is reason enough to invest some of your legal marketing dollars into local SEO.  

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In this blog, we will discuss how users find local law firms, Google AdWords, Local Advertising, the benefits of paid ads, and the benefits of local searches. 

A.  How Users Find Local Law Firms

No longer do law firms attract new clients by hanging a shingle in the window, or putting a listing in the Yellow Pages.  To some of those younger attorneys out there, you may not even know what the Yellow Pages are . . . the times certainly have changed.  

But to answer the issue of ‘how users find local law firms,’ the response is simple – potential clients go online to find, review, and select their attorneys.  Indeed, over 65% of people start their lawyer search online. 70% of law firms generate new clients through their website, and 90% of all searches are done on Google.  So, local clients find local law firms online.  

B.  Google AdWords

You may have heard of the term Google AdWords.  Well, since July 2018, the online advertising platform goes by the name “Google Ads.”  But, whatever the name, the online advertising platform has only increased in popularity.

In short, Google Ads is a platform on which advertisers – meaning your law firm – pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, video content, and other tools to web users.  It offers services under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model – which means that your firm pays Google Ads when an ad is clicked.  

C.  Local Advertising

While we believe your focus should always be on online advertising, make sure you leave a little left in the budget for simple, old school, offline local advertising.  Networking is, of course, a key part of local advertising. One way to think about networking is to never have lunch alone during the week. 

Make sure that you have a presence in local newspapers, and try to see if you can do a little guest speaking.  Finally, use the personal touch with handwritten letters to clients and business partners for the holidays.

D.  Benefits of Paid Ads

There is an ongoing debate between using paid ads vs. SEO to obtain new clients.  This and the next section will talk about both parts of that debate. But, the short answer to whether there are benefits to paid ads over SEO marketing is that every law firm can benefit from engaging on both fronts. 

So, with regard to paid ads (or PPC marketing, discussed above) you can target the clients who would be most interested in your services.  Also, you can easily make adjustments to a paid ad campaign if you see that your initial paid ad approach is not working. Finally, you can easily obtain analytics on whether the ad campaign is working.  That way you will be able to make adjustments as you go.  

E.  Benefits of Local Searches

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of local searches, which brings us to a talk about SEO.  Google does not leave the little guy behind, as we discussed at the top of this article, because Google takes proximity into account.  Indeed, clients search for “attorneys nearby” in the same way that you are looking for a local supermarket. So, if you have good content on your website, make sure that you use some solid keywords that your potential clients will be searching for and, soon enough, a connection can be made.  If you are local and have good SEO content, then you should be able to capture some of that local user traffic.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

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