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Does My Law Firm Website Really Need an SSL Certificate?

You run your law firm marketing. As much as you can, you want to make sure that you limit your marketing budget as much as possible.  You have a website, but you are not sure how much time or money to put into it.  Maybe, in the back of your mind, you wonder whether digital marketing is even worth it.  A lot of your clients come from word of mouth or offline networking events, right?  

So, when you see that “Not Secure” label on your website, you wonder whether it is worthwhile to address that issue.  You likely say to yourself, “well, I don’t sell anything on the firm’s site, and people do not give us credit card information, so why do I need a secure lawyer website?”  If that is you, then read on.  

That Pesky “Not Secure” Notation

Unfortunately, the trend in digital marketing is that all legitimate businesses, including law firms, need to secure their lawyer’s website.  It is not just about secure information anymore, it is a visual cue to visitors that your website is up to date, just like your firm is.  

In this article, we are going to talk about the SSL certificate and the three reasons why your law firm needs one too. To be frank, there is a bit of “keeping up with the Joneses” with regard to the SSL certificate, but it also has some important purposes that you need to know about.  

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The SSL Certificate, What Is It?

“SSL” stands for “secure sockets layer.” While that is tech-speak, it means generally that you have a certificate that puts another level of protection between your visitors’ web browser and your website’s server.  Also – importantly – having the certificate will remove the “Not Secure” notation at the top of the page to an HTTPS site, which is usually indicated by a padlock icon, or the icon and the word “Secure.”

That means that when visitors put address information on your site’s Contact Us page or engage in the live chat (if your site has one) then an SSL certificate will make sure that the visitors’ responses are blocked from curious eyes.  

While most website security happens behind the scenes, which a visitor would not know about, the SSL certificate is a very obvious, visual indication that your firm has actively made efforts to protect your visitors’ sensitive information.

Does My Law Firm Website Really Need the SSL Certificate?

In a word, yes.  While we agree that some visitors might never notice the “Not Secure” notation at the top of the webpage, it is still strongly recommended.  There are three reasons:

1. It’s Obvious.  It is immediately visible, so it immediately hurts the site’s credibility with anyone who is sensitive about online security.

2. The Competition is Doing it.  Google introduced the “Not Secure” message in the search bar back in 2018.  Now, in 2021, most business sites have the certificate because of so many riders on the quality and security of any website.    

3. SEO, SEO, SEO.  Google boosts your ranking when you secure your site. 

Remember, one major goal of digital marketing is brand awareness, maybe even more than the conversion of clients – which may occur more offline for law firms.  You want to be seen in the marketplace and attract visitors to at least give your firm a call.  That is why getting that Google rank boost and getting a boost in visitor confidence are extremely important.

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