Do You Have a Marketing Mindset?

When you are marketing anything – from your law firm practice to your new lemon-juicer-meat-tenderizer-in-one invention – you will face rejection. Lots of it.  

Dealing with Rejection is All About Your Frame of Mind

Without question, getting a practice started, or re-started after a pandemic, is daunting and full of false starts, insecurity, and rejection from your target audience. Yet, the moment that you realize that rejection is simply part of the process, it is to be expected and built into your business plan, it is actually not that terrible a thing.

On one level, the problem of rejection is that it automatically sends an otherwise rational, calm professional into a swirl of self-doubt. As lawyers, we train for three years and expect success after it is all over. And if that success does not happen quickly, we can be easily frustrated, and get increasingly filled with questions about our own ability to make a living. It is natural. That is why rejection is so hard.

But, if you build in rejection, just like you build in the three years of law school, as just part of the business of law, the paradigm shift will be great for your self-worth, and eventually, your wallet.  

We’ve all seen terrible lawyers, with skills far below your own, get work and keep a practice going. So, don’t worry, you will be successful. Just expect it to take time. 

In this article, we will cover seven ways to handle rejection as you market your law practice. If, after reading this article, you have more questions about how to better digitally manage and market your practice we invite you to reach out to Oamii.  

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1. Expect It

Lesson #1 with rejection in marketing is to expect it, and don’t take it too seriously. Once you know and accept that rejection is all part of the game, then you will be on your way to marketing without emotional fear. If you are not surprised that people are not getting back to you, and you are not trying to avoid people ignoring your email campaigns, then you are dealing with rejection appropriately in the real world of legal marketing.

The best way to think about it is to say to yourself, “Everyone needs good legal representation. Many will not use my services, and I expect that. I will focus on those who want my services.”

2. Have a Good Response for It

Knowing that a lot of your legal marketing will result in a “no,” or simply no response, you should be prepared ahead of time for a response when you get a “no.” Thus, you are armed with a constructive response, which can be helpful, when the time comes.  

For example, if someone tells you that they already have an attorney, you may want to just add for them that “I understand, but please take a look at some testimonials from clients like yourself. We have had a lot of businesses in your line of work switch over to us. Thanks for your time.”

3. Don’t Personalize It

Emotional issues related to self-worth and insecurity always are triggered with rejection. Remind yourself that a rejection is not about you. Many factors come into play with regard to a person’s decision to use a lawyer – timing being chief among them. Just smile at the rejection and move on to the next lead.  

4. Know It Leads to Others

One thing that is great about the practice of law that is different than other service industries, is that a contact may be dormant for months or years before it bears fruit. So, even rejections may lead to a referral down the road – provided that your marketing was appropriate, and you handled the initial rejection well. Remember that any contact could be a client sometime in the future.

5. Don’t Have It Take You Off Your Mission

As an attorney, your goal is to get clients and give them the best service you can give. So, even if the gate-keepers who receive your digital marketing materials say “no,” keep your goal of getting to the decision-makers in mind.  

6. Don’t Emotionalize It

Emotional strength is a good asset to have. Emotional strength in this context means an ability to separate others’ opinions. In other words, as your mom always told you: belief in yourself, not what others tell you to believe about yourself.   

7. Know You Will Be Successful

Good legal marketers remember that they eventually will be successful. It just takes time to build a good business. And that hard work will pay off in the long run. If you hold onto that success story, it will come to fruition.  

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