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Deck the Halls with Digital Marketing . . . How Did You Do this Year?

As 2020 – a tumultuous year to be sure – draws to a close, it presents a perfect opportunity to look back and take stock of how we did on our digital law firm marketing throughout the year.  Now, this is not a time to be too hard on yourself.  Rather, this is a great chance to think about what you did, what you should have done, and what you would like to do in the future.  Also, if you were particularly active in your digital law firm marketing this year, then it is also a good time to consider what worked and what didn’t work.  

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to talk about the various areas in which you should be at least thinking about marketing your firm, and you can review the list to see how much you have accomplished, and what types of marketing you haven’t tried, but would like to try in the future.  Finally, we will discuss a way in which you can accomplish your digital marketing goals even though you don’t personally have the time to do it yourself.  

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What Are the Key Marketing Techniques, and Did You Try Them This Year?

Lots of stats indicate that more and more people are finding their attorneys online.  Yet, a quick google search for “West Palm Beach, FL attorney” brings up tons of pages of results, and most people will not get past page 2.  So, without a strong online marketing plan, your website may get missed because you were not on page 1.

Thus, the key digital marketing techniques for your law practice include:

  • A Compelling, Professional Website 
  • A Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Time Devoted to Social Media Marketing
  • Use of Paid Search Marketing When Appropriate

This year, did you try any of those five techniques when marketing your law practice.

1.  Compelling, Professional Website

A professional presentation of your firm is vital.  Potential clients – and all of us, really – are highly visual.  That means that your landing page must accomplish several important tasks. 

The landing page should hold the user’s interest, while also giving value-added information.  The links at the top of the page should also make navigation very easy with one-click links for areas of practice, biographical information, and contact information.

So, this year, did you update your website?  If so, how often?  Did you get any clients who indicated that they found you through your website?

2.  A Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO actually allows users to can find your home page.  That can be done in several ways.  The most basic way is having key search words throughout your website.  So, for example, for a personal injury lawyer, phrases like:  car accident, birth injury, slip, and fall, etc. should be prevalent throughout the site, so that potential clients can find your website when searching for those terms. 

That said, be careful – search engines have become very smart at not ranking sites that engage in so-called “key word stuffing” in which popular search terms are repeated so often that the content does not read well, and it is obvious that the site developer was simply trying to get as many keywords on the site as possible.

So, this year, did you make a list of search keywords that might bring potential clients to your website?  Did you write blogs and other content that included those keywords?  

3.  How’s Your Social Media Marketing?

Did you know that Facebook had, as of the end of last year about 2.32 billion monthly active users of which 1.52 billion log in daily?  Facebook “Like” and “Share” Buttons are vitally important to marketing strategies because these receive 10 million views every day.  Considering the demographics that legal firms most want to reach, Facebook is a social media priority.  Also, you do not want to forget about Instagram, with about 1 billion active users, and 500 million daily users; or Twitter, with 336 million active users and 500 million daily tweets.

So, this year, did you make sure that your law firm had a social media presence?  How often did you post onto social media?  It certainly does not need to be a daily occurrence, but if people see that you have not posted in a long time, that shows that your firm is not as “tech-savvy.”

4.  What About PPC – Paid Search Marketing?

A natural extension of your digital presence is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.  Often overlooked, PPC could be a gamechanger for certain areas of legal practice.  PPC is text-based advertising appearing above, to the side, and below search engine results.  

While it might cost more money upfront, PPC is a great way to better understand the key search words that are most effective for you, it helps track your conversion of potential clients to clients, and it may result in higher quality leads.

So, did you try PPC advertising this year?  If so, how were the metrics?  Did you find that your money was well spent, or that you did not get a great return on investment in terms of new clients?

If you have now looked over the key marketing techniques and found that this year you did a lot less than you would have liked, then consider getting a professional digital marketing company to help you succeed.  

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