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Branding Your Small Law Firm – 5 Key Things to Remember

If you own or work for a small local law firm, then there is no question that you provide an indispensable benefit to your community. But if you really want to make sure that the members of your community to take full advantage of the services you offer, you need to stand out in the marketplace.

As you already know, competing with big names and established brands can be difficult.  That is why you need to make sure that you are noticed by the people who need your help.  You can certainly tackle the branding challenge on your own. But, you may want to consider a digital marketing agency to help you out.  

Oamii is a digital marketing agency in South Florida that can help you build your brand presence and awareness, so that you can get the book of business you really desire. Having a professional branding and marketing company on your side will keep your message on track.  For more information contact us through our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111.

Now, let us talk about the 5 crucial elements you need in building your brand presence:  target market, brand identity, simplicity, individuality, and consistency.

Key Tip # 1 – Target Market

There are a wide variety of legal specializations.  But because of that, most firms tend to focus on just a few. This allows you to narrow your target market to the individuals who will be seeking your services. If you are an Intellectual Property lawyer, your best audience will not be clients going through a divorce (unless the married couple included co-creators of a valuable product). 

Because you are branding a small law firm, your ideal target person is already a member of your community. Read your reviews and those of your competitors so you have a clear idea of that target person when searching for a law firms in florida.

By identifying your target person, rather than a demographic, you are better able to make a connection with the clients who want to work with you. This will be true regardless of whether you represent men seeking custody of their children, or help wrongfully terminated employees. Making your branding message resonate on a personal level with your audience will attract potential clients to you. 

Key Tip #2 – Brand Identity

Just as you have identified your target person as a client, your brand identity must present an ideal person for your client to work with. That means that when you are advertising and posting on social media, you have to build a voice that not only represents your company, but sounds like there is a real person on the other end of the connection.

If you are large enough to have a team manage your online engagement, make sure they are unified in their message and delivery.  You want to make sure the branding of your small law firm has the same feel as those large companies. 

Key Tip #3 – Simplicity

The human mind is only capable of holding onto a few ideas at a time, and an overly complex message will be lost in the shuffle. Accordingly, identify your mission statement, and make it as concise as possible so it is easy for people to remember. The same goes true regarding the name of your firm. If your partners have long or hard-to-spell names, consider using something easier for your clients to identify, particularly if it ties into the services you offer.

Key Tip #4 – Individuality

The most important part of branding your small law firm is to distinguish yourself from your competitors. That includes everything from the voice you use on social media, to the colors and fonts on your website. Keep in mind that being too different from your fellows can have the opposite of the intended effect, and certain design elements may be chosen or abandoned for good reason. Red is a powerful color, but it is also aggressive. Great for prosecutors, not so much for mediators. 

Take the time to research the branding used by your competitors, and ask yourself why they have done things the way they have. If you like it, put your own twist on it. If you don’t like it, do something different, but make sure you have a reason for the course you take. This is particularly important if you are using a branding and marketing company like Oamii so you can articulate your vision for your organization.

Key Tip #5 – Consistency

Not only must your branding voice and image maintain the same theme, but also make sure that your contact information is free of typos and appears on many pages across your website and social media platforms.

Repetition of information is the easiest way to make your mark in the minds of your audience, and having a clear and consistent online presence will help you appear in search results.

Consider Asking the Pros for Some Help in Branding and Marketing Your Law Firm

Using a branding and marketing company like Oamii can take some of the weight off of making decisions when it comes to building your image. They will also ask you questions and help you identify your target market so you can create a simple, consistent, and unique brand identity to connect with and attract your future clients.  

Oamii understands the importance of branding services, and we dedicate ourselves to optimizing your web pages to deliver quality content to bring in new business.  We have the tools and the team to make sure that your web page and your business is not only top-of-mind, but also top-of-search engine!  

When you invest in advertising, you want to work with an agency that brings your law firm the best results.  You want to get the most out of your advertising budget and get the best return on investment. We at Oamii provide quality products and services to our clients while keeping their best interests in mind.  Our deliverables are always provided on schedule, budget, and scope.  

We have efficient digital marketing systems in place with clearly set goals and expectations.  We encourage continuous improvement which in turn improves your bottom line.

You have a choice with your marketing dollars and resources.  If you want to increase your marketing reach with the help of an experienced, professional, digital marketing agency, look no farther than Oamii to crack the code on how to improve your marketing game.  We welcome you to contact us at Oamii to help you market your firm and build your book of business.  Please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.