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Best Law Firm Scripts to Sign More Clients

Can change the way you answer your phone help you get more clients? Yes.

In the law firm world, “conversion” is the art of taking a person who needs legal services and converting them from a potential client into a client. There are a number of factors that go into “converting” that person into someone who is going to work with your firm and rely on your legal experience to assist him in getting the legal help he needs.  Those various factors include:

1. Your firm’s reputation;
2. The tone of your firm’s online presence;
3. The information available about the experience and resources of your firm;
4. The goodwill attached to your firm from any word-of-mouth sources;
5. Therapport that any person in the firm has with the potential client.

All of the above factors can be boiled down to one overarching concept – trust.  Legal proceedings are highly stressful, often life-changing, events for many clients. As lawyers, you have dealt with the process thousands of times, but for a client, the entire legal process is a new and frightening prospect, fraught with unknowns.

As such, a potential client will only join the ranks of clients at your firm when you have established that all-important trust with the client. Indeed, a person will not choose to embark on the challenging prospect of litigation unless he or she actually trusts your legal skill, experience, and judgment.

So, you now are likely asking yourself – how can I establish that trust to get a person to choose my firm and become a client?  One answer to that question is the use of law firm phone scripts or legal intake scripts

The use of law firm phone scripts might seem like a surprising way in which to sign new clients.  You may be shocked, however, to know just how effective they are.

What Is a Law Firm Phone Script?

As you might expect given the name, a legal intake script or law firm phone script is a set script that those at your firm who interact with clients would read, or refer to, while on the phone with clients.  At first blush, you may think that a phone script is a rather impersonal way to interact with people – particularly potential clients.  But, actually, the contrary is true.

Benefits to Law Firm Phone Scripts.

While you may be concerned that legal intake scripts could be problematic when speaking with potential clients, using them for a short time will demonstrate just how effective they can be.  Some of the advantages to phone scripts are:

1. Standardize the interactions between the firm and potential clients;
2. Ensure that firm representative remembers to cover all the important facets of a particular legal call;
3. Keepall firm personnel on the same page with regard to the tone and implicit message of the firm.

Remember, law firm phone scripts do not need to be delivered verbatim so that the firm sounds like it has a “canned responses.”  Rather, legal intake scripts can be helpful for a new associate at a firm, and can simply serve as an outline for a person one the phone.

2 Ways Your Law Firm Can Employ Legal Intake Scripts

1.  Initial Contact with Potential Client

For a layperson, calling a law firm for the first time can be daunting. Lawyers possess that inherent sense that they are always busy, have many matters to attend to, and do not have a great deal of time for helping new client.  Having a law firm phone script, however, will allow a firm to put a first-time caller at ease.

Here is a sample of the legal intake script for an initial client call.

1. Thank you so much for calling [firm name], how can I assist you?  [caller responds]
2. I can certainly help you with that, what is your name again?  [be sure to use person’s name throughout the call]
3. We really appreciate your call [name].  I see that you have some questions about a legal case.  I believe that you have come to the right place.  We begin our process with a consultation, which is about a one-hour session with an attorney.  That will give you ample time to discuss the case and ask any questions you may have.
4. Tomake time on the calendar, we will require a one-time consultation fee of $150.  Let me help you with your payment [name], and then we can schedule a time.  [schedule made]
5. Ok,we have scheduled your consultation for 2022.  I will also send a confirmation of payment to your home address.
6. Thank you again for calling [name], and we look forward to your consultation at2022.

2.  Become the Lawyer in Their Phone and, thus, In Their Lives

Another technique in initial contact with a potential client that is a sure-fire way to convert a person into a client is this law firm phone script:

1. Hello, this is [your name, your firm, and type of legal work].
2. We see you are in need of [whatever assistance is being requested] how can I help you?
3. [Takemessage and get callback number]
4. [Firstname of appropriate attorney] likes to follow up with an email, do you have a good email address for her.”

Then, of course, you have the attorney follow up with an email.

Why is that script so helpful to converting clients.  Well, it has three important things in it:

1. It provides the law firm’s person’s name, the name of the law firm, and the type of law practiced.  That information is important because it takes away a lot of confusion for the first-time caller.
2. Using the relevant lawyer’s first name when asking for a good email address tends to personalize the lawyer and makes it an individual the potential client can relate to.  It is much easier for the potential client to related to “James,” than to a nameless person who will call at some point.
3. Getting the email address has an almost “magical” power.  Once“James” sends the follow-up email, you are now the lawyer in that person’s cell phone and therefore in that person’s life.  The lawyer is no longer someone behind a law firm, but rather a person in the potential client’s inbox who is easy to reach.

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