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Advanced Marketing Tips Made Easy – the Marketing “Road Less Traveled”

There is “keeping up with the Joneses,” and then there is “the road less traveled.”  The first path is keeping up with the pack, making sure you don’t get left behind. And then there is the “road less traveled,” which incorporates something much more pioneering. The “road less traveled” are those strategies and techniques that are cutting edge, and that put you head of others.

When it comes to digital marketing for law firms, “keeping up with the Joneses” is expected and you’ll fall behind if you don’t do it.  But, everyone is searching for that “road less traveled.”

In this blog, we’re going to talk about those lesser-known marketing techniques that a lot of law firms are not employing, or are just starting to employ.  You should try them and see if they make a good fit. Of course, the best way to be on the “road less traveled” when it comes to digital marketing is to get the help of seasoned digital marketing experts, like the lawyer marketing services available at Oamii.

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Now, let’s take a moment to discuss those digital marketing techniques on the “road less traveled.”

Don’t Just Say It, Show It:  Videos and Webinars

Do you think that you would be glued to your television during the most recent episode of “Game of Thrones” if you had to read the script and only the script?  No way.  The same goes true for content on your law firm website.

People are much more receptive to, and information can be more effectively imparted from, the use of videos rather than just as the written text.  What do you think would pack more of a punch, a long webpage of text, or a two-minute video on a discrete topic?  The video typically wins every time.

Accordingly, you would be wise to incorporate videos on your law firm’s website.  The videos can be of you talking about a legal topic in which you specialize, or you answering some frequently asked questions of your target audience.

The video format to answer questions has a number of benefits that you cannot get from just text:

1. You are providing important, helpful information.
2. You are able to establish more of a rapport with the audience because the audience can see you and hear you speak.  It is a way that someone can get to know you in a personal way.
3. You can be more informal, more relaxed, and more conversational.  That will likely make you more approachable as a firm.

These videos can be easily published on YouTube and on your firm’s website.  If you optimize the videos with solid keywords, then your videos will rank high in a Google search.

One other great strategy is the webinar.  A webinar is a phenomenal way to set your firm apart from the competition.  By hosting a free webinar, you are able to accomplish a number of things:

1. You showcase yourself, or a particular star lawyer in the firm;
2. You generate PR for the firm overall;
3. You provide your audience with up-to-date information on important, current topics in the law;
4. You show, by simply holding the webinar, that you are the “go-to” firm in that specific area of the law.

You can begin to create a webinar by brainstorming about the issues that you are currently dealing with in your area of the law, and see if it would make a good teaching moment for the community at large.  A change in the law in your area of practice – like an amendment to a state’s workers’ compensation law – could also be a great catalyst for an informative webinar.

Keep It Simple – No Legalese

Another way to take the “road less traveled” is to be an accessible law firm by not using legalese.  As lawyers, we all too often get bogged down in words.  Words are our tools of the trade, and sometimes we like to use a lot of them, when only a few are necessary.  One old partner in a law firm once said that if you use one word when you could have used 10, then you are just not trying hard enough.  That does not play well when trying to attract clients.

Be pioneering by keeping it casual and accessible.  In all of the content on your site, try to remove any legal jargon or terms of art as much as possible.  You can certainly maintain the tone of your firm without using words (especially Latin terms) that will alienate your audience.

Follow Up with Personal Touches

One constant challenge for any business, including law firms, is the follow up.  Having a website that invites comments and questions is great as long as you are able to respond to the requests that come in.

Plus, putting a personal touch into communications with clients and former clients might be just the thing that gets you that repeat client or referral.  So, try sending thank you cards after the case is complete.  Rather than wait for a client to thank you, the firm should thank them for their business.

Another idea would be to send a survey to get feedback at the end of a case.  To ensure that a client will actually fill it out, be sure that you tell the client ahead of time that you would like their honest feedback after all is said and done.

Finally, be sure to remain in contact with other sources – doctors, accountants, real estate agents – who may someday refer business to you.  And if you get a referral, be sure to thank the person who made the referral.

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