A “How-To” Guide for PPC Newbies

Did you know that 64% of consumers click on Google ads when shopping online? While you might think that the little “Ad” box for those websites that appear at the top of the page in your Google search results might turn people away, more than half of consumers clearly disagree. That means that PPC advertising, which stands for Pay-per-click advertising, is worth considering as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s face it, the legal industry is highly competitive. So, in order to market your firm properly and build your book of business, you should think about all the ways in which you can get your firm’s name out there – particularly if you are just starting out. 

In this article, we will tackle the PPC basics from what it is, to what steps are required, to how you can budget for it. Once you have some familiarity with PPC marketing, you can make a decision whether you should try it yourself or have a PPC service in West Palm Beach assist you with your initial PPC campaign.  

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Remind Me, What Is PPC Again?

You have probably heard the term PPC every time you read about digital marketing but never could quite visualize what it means. Well, here is a nice, easy breakdown.

Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising is one type of digital marketing in which you, as an advertiser, pay a small amount each time your law firm’s website receives a click – hence the name, “pay-per-click.”  

The most popular digital platform to do your PPC advertising is Google Ads. No doubt, the ubiquitous nature of Google makes advertising through Google the hands-down favorite.

Google Ads allows law firms, like your own, to bid on keywords that people search when they are seeking the help of a law firm.  

The wrinkle here is that Google Ads is not a simple, user-friendly platform. Thus, if your law firm engages in a Google Ads PPC campaign without a clear strategy or consistent monitoring of results, your firm could end up losing a lot of money without many leads to show for it.  

In other words, given that you pay every time someone clicks on your website, you want to try to make “every click count” so to speak. You want to ensure, as best you can, that when someone clicks on your site they are a user who truly is seeking the legal services you provide. That requires some planning upfront.

The Steps to Planning a PPC Campaign

1. Brainstorm Keywords

You need to begin your PPC campaign with some brainstorming. What are you brainstorming? You are looking to find those words and phrases that potential clients looking for your services would type in a Google search. For example, if you are an employment attorney licensed to practice in Florida, then you would make a list of those words and phrases that a person might search for like “employment attorney,” “labor lawyer FL,” “Florida employee attorney,” and so on.

What could really help the process is to think about the kind of person who would be your ideal client. Consider what that person might search for and you are on your way.

2. Use Keyword Tools to Check Demand

While you could just take your brainstorming list and run a PPC ad, you might be better served if you take the time to figure out whether the keywords you came up with are often searched. The goal here is to narrow your keyword list to those keywords that get the most hits. You want that because the more people search a word or phrase, the more potential there is for people to be visiting your website.  

Of course, the more popular keywords might you’re your more in your ad campaign. Therefore, you are trying to find a sweet spot between minimizing how much you pay to run the PPC campaign and maximizing the number of people who will come to your site. In short, you are asking the question, “do I have the budget to advertise for this keyword.” In the legal industry, the average cost per click is around $6.00.  

3. Write Your Ad Copy and Launch

The final step requires writing advertising “copy” that should show the value you can offer, presents a reasonable pitch (don’t make your services sound too good to be true), and have your keywords naturally fit in the ad. Don’t forget a call to action, i.e., tell the user what he or she can do to learn more. Finally, start the campaign and focus on converting your leads into clients.  

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