7 Things to Know About PPC Marketing for Law Firms

There are somethings that are constantly in tension. You are inundated with legal work, yet at the same time you need to find time to market your legal practice. You know that you need to give your current clients 100% of your attention; yet, you also know that if you don’t focus on marketing, you might soon not have any legal clients that need your attention.  

Another example: you are a firm believer in the phrase “it takes money to make money.” Yet, you are always concerned whether you are spending too much money on marketing, such that you are wasting resources. 

If you feel any of those things, do not worry, you are not alone. Those concerns are the things you need to weather to build a book of business or a successful practice.  

In this article, we are going to talk about 7 tips you need to know about PPC marketing. If you don’t even know what PPC stands for, not to worry. That’s what this article is for.  

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PPC Marketing – The Basics

If you want high-quality clients, then PPC marketing is something that you need to consider. As you know, all client leads are not made the same. Some leads are high quality, and others, not so much. A focused PPC marketing campaign can lead to those high-quality cases and clients.

– What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click.” What that means is that you pay for clicks on your advertisement. Now, there are PPC approaches on different platforms.  

When you pay for clicks with ads on Google, that is considered paid search engine marketing. When you pay for clicks with ads on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, that is called paid social. Finally, when you pay for display ads on any other platform allowing firms to advertise, that is called display advertising.  

This article will focus on paid search engine marketing; specifically, Google Ads. (Note well: Google Adwords does not exist anymore. It is now just “Google Ads”).

– Why Is PPC Important as a Marketing Tool?

There are a number of reasons why PPC is important. Here are just a few:

1. You will see immediate results from your marketing;
2. It converts a click into a phone call to your firm at a much higher rate than SEO does;
3. Leads from PPC are usually better quality than lead aggregators;
4. Google, which makes 97% of its revenue from ads, is incentivized to help small businesses succeed with PPC;
5. PPC lets you target your ads to certain demographics, such as age, household income, and gender;
6. You can use negative keywords, such as avoiding displaying your ad to those who searched with words such as “pro bono,” or “free.”

The 7 Things to Know About Using PPC

1. Cost per Lead is important, but not Everything

Understandably, you want to find metrics to control your marketing costs. However, cost per lead is not always the best indicator of a good campaign. You don’t want to overpay, but think about other metrics like average case value per lead, or quality per lead.

2. Make Sure Your Intake is Ready

If you get leads, then you want to make sure that their client experience is first class from the get-go. Leads will not follow up with you or simply become clients without any effort on your part. If a lead calls, you want to make sure that someone picks up in under 5 rings. Typically, when people call an attorney, they are emotional and expect immediate service.  

3. Track Everything

As they say, knowledge is power. You should be sure to have your own Google Ads & Google Analytics accounts. You need to track what works and what does not work. Those lessons can then be used in every part of your firm’s marketing strategy.   

For instance, if you found out that the term “probate lawyer” generates many clicks in your market, but none turn into quality cases, then you most likely do not want to spend a long time writing blogs with the keyword “probate lawyer.” Yet, if you find that the keywords “what is a guardianship?” or “how can I avoid probate?” turns into viable cases, then use that experience for future ads.

5. Try Not to Learn on Your Dime

There are many companies out there that have already made mistakes and learned lessons. Don’t waste money learning those lessons all over again. Take some lessons from those who have been there and done that. 

6. PPC is Not a One-Time Strategy

PPC should not be an option. Rather, if set up properly, it is necessary to always have something running for your highest value potential cases. When going after those niche, high-value cases, it almost never makes sense to turn those campaigns off.

7. Have Patience with Your PPC

Try to avoid making major decisions based on short-term data. PPC success ebbs and flows. Accordingly, you may want to keep an eye on annual metrics, rather than weekly or monthly.   

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