HVAC Marketing Strategies

5 HVAC Marketing Strategies To Increase Leads And Revenue

In today’s digital time and social media world, your HVAC company should build a marketing plan to target prospects who need HVAC services. It’s essential to build strategies that will help your prospects throughout their customer journey.

Following are some of the proven HVAC marketing strategies that will help you increase leads and revenue.

1. Optimize your website to generate HVAC leads

If you’re not using your website for lead generation, you may be underutilizing a critical tool to gain new customers for your business. A website optimized for SEO can also work to capture HVAC leads during any season. 

A mobile-friendly site with a responsive design ranks higher in search engines than those that are not mobile-friendly. Prospective customers are looking online for a local HVAC company. Ensure they find you first and quickly.

1. Revamp your website. Make it appealing to your prospects with a clean and user-friendly design focused on HVAC keywords to grow your leads.

2. Get reviews and consumer testimonials. Let satisfied customers promote your excellent HVAC services on all digital mediums.

3. Have Clear Calls to Action (CTA). Give exclusive offers, discounts, and other incentives to entice your prospects and increase HVAC service leads. 

4. Start writing blog posts. Become a go-to HVAC resource for consumers for all their HVAC requirements.

2. Implement SEO to grow your HVAC leads organically.

Implement SEO by taking the proper steps to ensure your HVAC business website appears at the top of search results on Google and other search engines. Customers and prospects with a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heatwave should find you fast before they find your competitor.

Finalize the focus keywords before starting SEO activities. Come up with HVAC keywords that you’d like to rank on and drive organic traffic. Then ensure to optimize your web pages to rank those focus keywords. 

Include your city or neighborhood name in the meta-title to gain traction with local consumers. For instance, “West Palm Beach A/C” or “AC Repair Kansas.”

When a customer searches “HVAC near me” on Google, the algorithm finds the most topically and geographically related results. Therefore, it’s essential to be consistent with locations and keywords where it’s required.

Google Local Service ads(GLSA) is another best tactic that enables you to advertise your HVAC services on Google(above organic and paid search results) and receive quality leads directly from potential customers. 

When a homeowner searches “Indoor Air Quality Delray Beach,” your Local Services ad appears at the top of Google Search results on that location. 

Ensure that your HVAC company operates from a physical location (headquarters or satellite office) in the specific area where you’re advertising your HVAC services.

3. Get positive online reviews to drive more HVAC leads.

Most of the customers or prospects go to Google to search for trusted nearby HVAC companies with outstanding online reviews when they need HVAC service or repair. They stopped asking neighbors and friends for recommendations.

Positive customer feedback on popular review platforms like Google, Facebook, and other social media sites can benefit your business a lot. As per the Consumer Review Survey, more than 90% of consumers said positive reviews make them more inclined to use a business.

4. Train your HVAC contractors to get more positive reviews.

Most HVAC contractors grumble about asking customers for testimonials or reviews. It’s a common problem for many industries, including HVAC. 

But what most contractors don’t realize is that satisfied customers are always open to providing reviews if you request them politely. They can clearly explain how good and bad reviews impact your HVAC company’s revenue and their paychecks. 

Incentivize your workers to get more positive Google reviews with bonus checks or encourage in-house competition to win rewards for the most 5-star reviews. Another way is incentivizing the customer to leave a review in exchange for a discount or a coupon.

Here are some essential tips include to get more 5-star reviews from your customers:

1. Always make an excellent first impression when they call to book an appointment for the follow-up after completing the job.

2. Use technology to allow clients to track their HVAC contractors and shorten the arrival window.

3. Ensure that the customer is satisfied before leaving the job site to lessen any complaints they might add to a review.

It’s imperative to understand a customer’s mindset when it comes to leaving a review. Most of them don’t want to bother leaving a review unless you make it very easy and convenient.

5. Invest in email marketing for practical HVAC advertising ideas.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing channels. Targeted email marketing costs significantly less per HVAC lead than traditional HVAC advertising channels. It also helps keep your brand top-of-mind for prospective customers.

Email marketing only works if it’s targeted and designed for your business. It has to deliver a message that’s relevant to your prospects. Following are some of the best email marketing practices for HVAC businesses:

1. Don’t send mass emails to your entire contact list at once. Send smaller batches of targeted and automated campaigns to specific customer groups based on their persona.   

2. Provide engaging and educational content about HVAC. Include snippets of your blog or YouTube channel videos. You can send a series of messages but only email follow-up emails to people who haven’t opened the first email. 

3. Clean up your lists frequently by removing inactive and unengaged contacts. Use a marketing automation tool that includes an Automated Opt-In facility to do this automatically.

4. Ensure that your subject lines do not have spam triggers! Using words like “free” or exclamation points in your subject lines usually enters their spam box.


HVAC is a booming industry. Companies that invest in digital marketing will prosper and stay ahead of their competition. Either hire in-house resources for all your marketing efforts or hire an agency like us with many years of experience in marketing HVAC companies. Get in touch with our team today for a free digital marketing audit of your HVAC website.