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4 Law Firm Digital Marketing “Musts” That Will Keep You Competitive

Of all the industries on the internet, the legal industry is one of the most competitive.  As we all know, there are a lot of lawyers out there competing for clients.  We at Oamii are a digital marketing agency in South Florida specifically for law firms.  Having worked in that field for many years, we know what it takes to attain, and maintain, a lead in the running race that is the competition to provide legal services.

The goal is to stay ahead of the competition with regard to your digital marketing.  And that task is forever changing as marketing techniques become more refined, or as new digital avenues to reach clients come to the fore in the marketplace.  This blog will focus on the 4 law firm digital marketing “musts” in the year 2019.  Remember, just having a website or Facebook page is not enough.  An active, constantly changing online presence is what law firms are doing today.

In that regard, consider hiring Oamii, the digital marketing agency of South Florida, to help you keep up with the other competitors in the digital marketing 100-meter dash.  It is important to keep in mind that keeping your law firm’s website at the top of Search Engine Results Pages is more difficult in 2019 than it was in 2017 or 2018.  But having a specialist put a little time and effort into your online visibility will result in a better book of business for your firm.

From blogging to answering inquiries, to social media activity, it can become all-consuming if you run down the rabbit hole of digital marketing.  However, you do not need to focus on everything all at once.  If you work – or have your digital marketing agency in South Florida work – on one particular facet of marketing at a time, you can have a digital marketing strategy that can work for you and your firm.  If you want to learn more about partnering with Oamii as your digital marketing agency in South Florida, please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.

Now, on to the 4 law firm digital marketing “musts” to ensure that your website climbs up the Search Engine Results Pages.

1. Get Reviewed

Giving reviews for your local Subway shop, or your local Pizza Hut, are all well and good.  But, at some point with those types of franchises, everyone knows what they are getting nationwide.  Therefore, reviews are not as essential for those businesses.  Not so for law firms.

Just like word of mouth is vital to the life of a law firm, online reviews are essential to a law firm’s vitality.  That is true because it is harder for consumers to differentiate between law firms, compared to other types of businesses.

Add that to the fact that when people are looking for a lawyer, they are typically in some kind of emergency or distress, whether it is someone who was just served with divorce papers or someone who was just arrested for a crime.  Thus, getting reviews – on multiple platforms, like your website, your Google profile, and your Facebook page – is a key to marketing success.

How Do I Get Reviews?

While you need clients to review you, getting reviews from your clients cannot be a passive process.  There will always be one or two clients that take the time, on their own initiative, to review you.  However, all things being equal, you need to take the initiative to request a review from a client.

Here are a few ways that you can do that:

1. Case-Closing Letters.  The letter that marks the end of the representation, typically where your firm would need to provide documentation, provide settlement checks, or get certain signatures, is a perfect opportunity to seek feedback.
2. Via Text.  Sometimes clients do not know how to leave a review.  Make it easy by contacting clients in a way that is most likely to be seen – a single text that allows a client to link to a Google review page.
3. In Person.  The personal touch pays dividends.  If a client is happy with your work, then ask the client in person if he or she could provide a review, so that your firm can help other similarly situated people.

2. Website Optimization

We have blogged about this, and we will likely blog about it again.  Having a website that functions in a way that puts your firm’s best foot forward is so important to your online reputation.  If prospective clients cannot use your website easily, or if there are glitches, like “error” pages, then that potential client will be a missed opportunity.

What is Important for Optimization?

There are three main facets of your website that should be solid to keep up with the competition.  They are:

1. Mobile-Friendly. Mobile-first indexing will soon become the standard for all websites.  So, whoever is handling your website should be tasked, if they have not already been, with the job of making your website look great, and be functional, on a smartphone and tablet.
2. Fast.  No one likes to wait for anything these days.  Typical users will wait an average of 3 seconds for a website to respond.  If your website does not react in those 3 seconds, then you have another missed opportunity for work.
3. ADA Compliant.  Make sure your website is accessible to someone with a disability.  Allow for text-based versions of all documents, and have online forms be accessible by voice command.

3. Stand-out Web Content

Good lawyers provide good advice.  A good legal website should do the same.

How To Have Stand-out Content?

Content – blog posts and subject-matter pages – are the way to have great content on your website.

1. Blog Posts.  A blog is where your firm can provide lots of value.  Offer practical advice in your area of expertise, and you will capture potential clients looking for information on those topics.
2. Internal Subject-Matter Pages.  Core pages, such as a Personal Injury page, our Employment Law page, will provide opportunities for SEO-friendly, relevant content to increase your Search Engine Results Pages.
3. Website Links that are High Quality

The more other websites link to your firm’s website, the more search engines will see your website as valuable.

How Do I Come Up with High-Quality Links?

1. Discussion Based on Local News.  It is worth creating a press release referencing a recent news event, include attorney quotes, and then send it to newspapers, websites, and other news outlets.
2. Links to Professional Directories.  It might be worth it for your firm to be linked to common directories like,, and

Let Oamii Help You With Your Greatest Asset – Your Website

Call Oamii today.  We are the digital marketing agency in South Florida for your law firm.  We at Oamii specialize in helping law firms create successful websites.  For more information please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.